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Peverel Cirrus price-fixing stooge says sorry …

The owner of one of the three stooge companies that helped Peverel’s subsidiary Cirrus wrongly win lucrative contracts at retirement sites deeply regrets his involvement in the scam.Jeremy Owen, 38, of Owens Installations, says he got caught up in the Cirrus scandal because he was young and naïve and wishes he could "turn the clock back". … [Read More...]


Housing associations lose £750,000 in SmartSource Water scandal

Following up the Carlex story of Hanover losing £500,000 over the SmartSource Water scandal, it now emerges that Housing 21 lost £250,000.Inside Housing, the newspaper for social housing providers, says SmartSource Water was like a “pyramid scheme” which has left several housing associations among creditors facing millions of pounds of combined losses. … [Read More...]


OFT price-fixing cheat Glyn Jackson is back at Peverel sites

Eight months after the Office of Fair Trading revealed the Cirrus collusive tendering scandal, scamming contractor Glyn Jackson is again working on retirement sites managed by Peverel.Glyn Jackson, whose company did not pay an OFT fine of £35,700 after going into liquidation,, is this week installing similar electronic systems with a new company at the Adelphi retirement site in Harrogate. … [Read More...]

Residents faced bills of £1,250 each to make good a leaking roof, now paid for by the original developer

Red Rock saves 156 leaseholders from £187,200 repair bill

Owners of 156 leasehold flats at the Hawkins Road site in Colchester were spared £1,250 each thanks to Red Rock, an LKP-accredited managing agent.Weston Homes built the high specification 12-block Hawkins Road site between five and seven years ago, but soon after the first leaseholders began to move in, reports of problems started. … [Read More...]


DCLG leasehold team issues raft of improvements

Retirement exit fees may get the chop, at last! The new DCLG leasehold team, with whom Carlex / LKP has been working closely, yesterday announced a range of measures in addition to "Florrie's Law" (see LKP) and acceptance that the leasehold sector is far larger than was previously thought.They include referring exit fees in retirement leasehold to the Law Commission. … [Read More...]


Competition and Markets Authority issues update on leasehold study

… But it wants further feedback, so let them have it! ... Oh, and oldies are happier than those in non-retirement flats The Competition and Markets Authority (CMA) has today issued an update on its market study (see below) into the provision of residential property management services in England and Wales.LKP / Carlex applauds this study and the work of those behind it. The CMA has understood many of the issues and does not seem to have been hoodwinked by the sector, its assorted trade … [Read More...]


ARHM’s pathetic response to the Peverel / Cirrus scandal

… while “under review”, Cirrus sponsors the ARHM summer conference and is doled out generous contractsIn the club: Richard Wheeldon, ARHM vice chair, part of the Cirrus review team and an executive of Housing and Care 21 housing association. It handed out a bumper contract to Cirrus in February, two months after the OFT found it had carried out collusive tendering and without waiting for a decision on the company by the ARHM review team. Just as well, then, that the ARHM did not subject … [Read More...]


Nine months in the making: ARHM rules on Peverel / Cirrus scandal

ARHM STATEMENT INTO PEVEREL PRICE FIXING / COLLUSION FOLLOWING INVESTIGATION BY FORMER OFT.StartsThe ARHM Audit and Regulation Committee has been working with Peverel to review the outcome of the OFT investigation into collusive tendering in relation to the supply and installation of certain access and alarm systems to retirement properties.This collusive practice breaches the principles of the ARHM in seeking to raise the standards of management in retirement housing and, in … [Read More...]


Serious Farce Office messes up again, with £6m so far to Vincent

By Brian Rix Nearly three and a half years after the Tchenguiz brothers were arrested on March 9 2011, the farcical case at last comes to an end. Vincent gets a groveling apology plus a £3 million bung from the Serious Fraud Office – or the Serious Farce Office – which also has to pay an initial £3 million for Vincent's legal costs with more to be negotiated. … [Read More...]

Daughters ’R’ us: Alex Ellison (right) with her mother, Barbara Weston, daughter and grand-daughter

ARHM rejects daughter’s complaint that Peverel pushed Mere Court pensioners into agreeing house manager’s flat sale …

… a flat that, it emerged, Peverel itself ownedThe daughter of a resident at Mere Court retirement flats in Knutsford who believed Peverel was urging the sale of the house manager’s flat for financial gain has had her complaint rejected by the ARHM.Alex Ellison was appalled to discover that Peverel was encouraging the sale of the flat while repeatedly saying it belonged to the freeholder Proxima, part of the Tchenguiz Family Trust.In fact, the flat belonged to Peverel itself and … [Read More...]

Siobhan McGrath, for 13 years senior president of the Residential Property Tribunal Service and now president of the new Property Tribunal

Judge Siobhan McGrath apologises over Mire debacle

Judge Siobhan McGrath has apologised to the leaseholder whose complaints led to Benjamin Mire losing his judicial appointment.The apology to Colin Dennard, 73, of Ferndown in Dorset, is an acknowledgement that the Residential Property Tribunal Service (RPTS), of which McGrath was the Senior President, bungled the issue. (She is now president of the new Property Chamber).The RPTS “misapplied the rules on the handling of complaints” which delayed the investigation into Mire. … [Read More...]

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LEASE: is this really good enough?

How you get scammed on insurance … with tips from LEASE!

It is a brilliant (not-so-little) earner and one that – astonishingly – isn’t illegal. Buy up residential freeholds, charge enormous commissions for arranging the insurance and pass the bill on to leaseholders, who – and this is the really brilliant bit – have no legal right whatsoever to find out what the commissions are. The […]


Wibble, Wobble: why the Leasehold Advisory Service needs to be reformed

Does LEASE help or hinder? Write in to LKP  We believe that the case for reforming LEASE is overwhelming. It does good work and employs some good people, who have provided help to leaseholders. But its monetising enthusiasms – an annual conference in fancy venues for professionals only (leaseholders were only invited for the first […]

Daejan leasehold fury at LEASE’s £50 webinar

LEASE is – yet again – excluding the ordinary leasehold owner and privileging its information. It is holding this event for those who pay: LEASE – 1pm 11th June 2013 Professional Webinar on the new LVT rules at £50 + vat.  The content of this webinar should be available to all leasehold owners at no cost. […]


Stop taking money from Benjamin Mire, Bottomley tells Leasehold Advisory Service

… and instead of passing on complainants’ names to him, you can use mine! Sir Peter Bottomley has told LEASE, the Leasehold Advisory Service, to stop taking money to advertise the company of Benjamin Mire, Trust Property Management. Trust appears on the LEASE website in the professional directory. LKP has established, with a freedom of […]


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Ripped-off pensioners, betrayed Carlex whistleblowers, four-year tokenistic OFT inquiry, craven trade bodies, Cirrus unpunished, stooges go into ‘liquidation’ … one minnow fined £1,777

– 2005 to 2009 Peverel cheats pensioners at 65 site by installing Cirrus equipment through bogus tendering – Carlex alerts police, SFO and OFT, and The Times publishes article on December 4 2009 – But Office of Fair Trading gives Peverel “leniency” for turning itself in at some point in December 2009 – OFT starts […]


Why does Peverel own these flats?

Alex Ellison deserves to be congratulated for feeling something was amiss when Peverel began offering the prospect of selling the house manager’s flat at Mere Court. She did well to uncover the fact that the flat did, in fact, belong to Peverel, and not the freeholder, Tchenguiz. This was contrary to what the regional and area managers […]

Benjamin Mire

[Eight] Ten days after talking tough, LEASE seems to have dropped ‘Mire for hire’

UPDATE July 18: LEASE finally appears to have dropped the enterprises of controversial property manager Benjamin Mire from its professional directory – which are paid-for adverts.   Eight days after LEASE ruled that all advertising associated with controversial property manager Benjamin Mire be removed from the quango’s website, it is still there. On July 8 […]

The Old Bakery in Kettering has witnessed one of the most blatant try-ons seen over monetising major works

Freeholder Sean Powell has major works demand slashed by £600,000

But … the bill to Kettering homeowners was more than £1 million, including Sean Powell’s fees of 10% to manage the project – from London – plus the VAT … demands of £42,500 per flat were more than their re-sale value … tribunal throws out vast bills supposedly ‘to comply with building regulations’ … tribunal […]


LEASE dumps Benjamin Mire … after eight months of dithering!

The Leasehold Advisory Service has finally decided to bar controversial managing agent Benjamin Mire from advertising on the LEASE website. The decision was announced today and applies to Benjamin Mire’s companies Trust Property Management and Benjamin Mire Chartered Surveyors. Mire, a property manager based in Colindale, north London, resigned from his judicial appointment to the […]


Israeli magazine reports London leasehold

Two MPs closely involved with LKP / Carlex, Jim Fitzpatrick (Labour, Limehouse and Poplar) and Sir Peter Bottomley (Worthing West, Conservative) feature in an article on London leasehold issues published by Israeli magazine “ALondon”. Unfortunately, LKP’s Hebrew scholarship is not up to the task of reading the article. But with untranslated and untransliterated words such […]


Will insurers leave flooded leaseholders in the soup?

Last week (Monday June 23) LKP met DEFRA Minister Dan Rogerson for a round table meeting with other leasehold groups about the flood insurance proposals in the Water Bill. All are concerned flooded leaseholders will be left out of the government’s Flood Re scheme. The only organisations seemingly unconcerned is the Association of British Insurers. In […]

Discussing alternatives to leasehold: Martin Boyd (left) of LKP holds Westminster discussion with hosts Jim Fitzpatrick (Labour MP, Limehouse and Poplar) and Sir Peter Bottomley (Conservative MP, Worthing West)

LKP holds Westminster meeting on commonhold

“Millions have an interest in leasehold living. Most would gain when commonhold or strata title becomes the norm.  “This meeting is an important step forward. “In the near future, abuse and misuse and the shortcomings of leasehold can be tackled. “For the future, there should be a timetable to end new residential leaseholds and to […]

ARMA tells Y and Y Management to mind its manners and control its temper

ARMA’s regulatory panel announced on Friday June 27 that it had admonished Y and Y Management following a complaint over “intemperate and unprofessional language” to a leaseholder who visited its north London offices. A letter of admonishment has been sent to the company, headed by Joseph Gurvits, whose business partner is freeholder Israel Moskovitz. Both have […]


Tchenguiz PR man detonates Bottomley eruption during Queen’s Speech debate

Tchenguiz PR man named in Commons ‘Apology’ by obscure website to Vincent Tchenguiz read to MPs Sir Peter asks what was Tchenguiz’s role during the Peverel / Cirrus price fixing scandal? Tchenguiz freehold valuations questioned Why are huge loans issued against valuations ‘created from thin air’? Government should put pressure on professional standards bodies to […]

Century Wharf, Cardiff, is a Tchenguiz site of 967 flats that was managed by Peverel. It is the biggest site in the country to have won RTM

Biggest right to manage victory ever at Century Wharf, Cardiff

The Right To Manage Federation writes … The Right to Manage Federation has achieved its biggest ever RTM at a Peverel managed development of 967 luxury apartments known as Century Wharf, Cardiff. This eclipses England’s biggest RTM, the prestigious Metro Central Heights block of 422 flats at the Elephant & Castle completed by the RTMF […]


West India Quay defeats £74,560 legal onslaught …

… and wins the right to a recognised residents’ association The residents at West India Quay in London’s Docklands have won their epic battle to have a recognised residents’ association. Represented for free by Martin Boyd, a co-director of the Leasehold Knowledge Partnership, the residents faced a legal onslaught headed by Edwin Johnson, QC. This […]

Competition and Markets Authority seeks the views of leaseholders in Liverpool

Engage Liverpool to hold public meeting with CMA

Engage Liverpool, which represents flat owners in the centre of the city, is holding an open meeting with leaseholders on May 21. It has invited Douglas Cooper, of the Competition and Markets Authority, to hear from leaseholders, particularly those who have experience of self-management. Engage Liverpool represents leaseholders who have bought flats in the city […]


Mail on Sunday today: Leasehold is becoming an election issue

The Mail on Sunday has today devoted more than a page of editorial to leasehold issues. The article bluntly outlines the abuses faced by leaseholders at the hand of monetising freeholders and the property managers, surveyors and lawyers who serve them. The article is illustrated with a photo of Emma Reynolds, MP, the Labour shadow […]

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