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24.01.2012 Why does Anthony Essien, of LEASE the Leasehold Advisory Service, think “mediation” is the way forward in leasehold reform – when his own organisation scrapped its mediation service exactly a year ago? Read news for more … 23.01.2012 Will Boris Johnson support leasehold reform and defy government? Read Sebastian O’Kelly’s report on the Greater […]

What part of ‘Go away!’ don’t you understand, Vincent?

Charter Quay, in Kingston, Surrey, has scored three crushing victories over Vincent Tchenguiz (and Peverel). The LVT ruling on November 22 last year may have been the most damning ever made at an LVT. January 26 2012: A large raspberry is likely to be blown in the face of Vincent Tchenguiz on February 4 when […]

LEASE: Find some backbone, or face the chop!

Anthony Essien (left), of LEASE ... the Leasehold Advisory Service, at the London Assembly on January 23rd with large-scale managing agents Matthew Saye, of Home Ownership Services and Randall Bevis, of City West Homes. Martin Green (right), of Southwark Borough Council's home ownership and tenant management initiatives.

January 24 2012: The weakest performance of all at yesterday’s Greater London Assembly meeting on the miseries facing leaseholders was from Anthony Essien, the chief executive of LEASE, the Leasehold Advisory Service. Asked by London Assembly members how leaseholders can be defended from rapacious managing agents and landlords jacking up service charges, Essien placed his […]

Ombudsman for Peverel

20.01.12 NEW APPOINTMENT ANNOUNCEMENTS ARMA – the appointment of the new Chief Executive, Michelle Banks,  (current employment – Deputy Director, Development Management (Planning), equivalent to the previous Grade 6 or 7 civil servant in the DCLG), has been announced. It was recently announced that Peter Hinchliffe would take up the new role of Head of Peverel’s […]

Tchenguiz freeholds for sale

Everything must go: Tchenguiz to sell £3 billion portfolio Vincent Tchenguiz has put his 250,000 UK freeholds up for sale for £3 billion, and looks like he is struggling for a buyer. The largest property portfolio which has freeholds across the country, with 15,000 in London, has been offered to sovereign wealth funds. Now, the […]

ARMA chief’s job description

This is a very telling excerpt from the job description of the new Chief Executive recently recruited to replace the retiring David Hewett. Important points are noted in red.  We will be looking closely at ARMA’s ability to impose discipline now that a new CE is taking up her post, having left DCLG.  On the […]