February news archive (headlines)

29.02.12  Stop ‘opaque’ charges, says London Assembly In the most hard-hitting report in years on the property management business, the London Assembly says half a billion pounds in service charges is being spent every year by Londoners in a business that is overdue for reform. Our news report and the full Assembly report can be […]

Earlier press coverage

http://www.bloomberg.com/news/2013-06-30/brothers-nabbed-in-bungled-u-k-bank-probe-sue-for-457-million.html The above YouTube features Melissa Briggs, of the LKP, interviewed in March 2012 on Radio 4’s MoneyBox Live

Rich should buy freeholds and cream commissions, says Sunday Times

Depressing news for anyone living in a leasehold flat: buying up freeholds is one of the best ways the wealthy can increase their wealth, according to the Sunday Times. One fund rose 5.8 per cent last year. This means freeholds are an attractive alternative to artworks or stamps, although London parking spaces have shown a return of […]

Zthank ‘eavan, Paul Chevalier has been given the push from Zenith Building, Leicester

  Triumph of British judicial procedure: Leaseholders at Zenith Building, Leicester, were tied up in knots with legal delays for two-and-a-half years before exercising right to manage.   An epic right to manage battle, begun in July 2009, involving some of the most controversial figures in property management finally comes to a conclusion this week. […]