Lords to debate leasehold abuses

The House of Lords is to debate residential service charges next month. The move comes from Baroness Gardner (above) following meetings with Melissa Briggs and Sebastian O’Kelly, of the LKP, in February. Baroness Gardner, a former Westminster councillor who as an Australian comes from a country where English leasehold law was uprooted, has raised the […]

Government receives a full and frank message from LKP

Prompted by an invitation by Housing Minister Grant Shapps, three representatives of Leasehold Knowledge Partnership had a positive meeting with the Department of Communities and Local Government today. The department was eager to learn more about LKP and its fast-growing accreditation scheme. The meeting dwelt at length on the origins of LKP and why such […]

Chelsea Bridge Wharf: a win for Peverel

Did residents really vote to be managed by Peverel? This astonishing item of news emerged from a recent meeting with the Berkeley Group, where it was suggested that residents at Chelsea Bridge Wharf actually voted to be managed by Peverel. Improbable though it may be, the event did, in fact, occur at Chelsea Bridge Wharf, […]

Seeking stars in the east

What picture emerges from LKP’s tour this week of East Anglia? Apart from Cambridge, leasehold property ownership more resembles the North West than the affluent South East. In Norwich, Ipswich and Bury St Edmunds, most leasehold flats are owned by buy-to-let investors – and so far they have proved pretty wretched investments, down 40-50 per […]

LVT: the things they never tell you

and the things they never tell you. This is the first in a series of articles designed to help leaseholders (always called tenants in the law) to understand (leasehold) law, the Leasehold Valuation Tribunal (LVT) and the “low cost” legal system intended to resolve issues arising on many aspects of leasehold law. Unfortunately there are […]

London Assembly’s report ‘Highly Charged’

London Assembly damns property management racket A London Assembly report into leasehold service charges published today is a devastating attack on the stealth charges that are rife in leasehold and it urges the property industry to clean up its act. Referring to “opaque” service charges regimes at numerous London developments, the report can also be […]

Boris summons LKP

Boris Johnson has invited LKP to discuss the London Assembly’s hard-hitting report into leasehold service charges, called Highly Charged, that was issued earlier this month.   Boris … talk to me The meeting will take place within the next two weeks. In a statement to LKP the mayor’s office said: “The Mayor recognises that leasehold […]