Oop! No surprise why this word is causing ARMA difficulty

ARMA now supports transparency, regulation, good governance, ombudsman, open debate, protection of leaseholders’ interests etc etc … having for years benefited from the subscriptions of large companies which have loaded stealth charges, trousered sneaky commissions or awarded their own subsidiaries absurdly generous contracts. All paid for by ordinary leaseholders. This has been upheld time and […]

ARHM president Baroness Greengross says sorry to pensioner for ‘barrack-room lawyer’ jibe

In last week’s Lords debate on leasehold regulation, Baroness Greengross, the president of the Association of Retirement Housing Managers, said complaining pensioners were ‘barrack-room lawyers’ with too much time on their hands. She has today apologised to a Carlex supporter for her remark. Further details can be read here or visit www.carlex.co.

Wolverhampton flood leasehold victims win £16,000 at LVT …

 … and are coming back again for £40,000 more Andy Burton in front of Market Square, Wolverhampton More than 100 residents at Wolverhampton city centre’s premier housing development were today(mon) celebrating victory in a battle with the landlord over a £16,000 repair bill – and are now planning to go back into action over a […]

Baroness Hanham and Rupert Murdoch: spot the difference

One is parroting the non-policy of Grant Shapps, and the other has never met him or, if he has, asked no favours   By ‘Barrack-room Lawyer’ (As ARHM president Baroness Greengross defined OAP complainers in retirement flats with too much time on their hands) In last Monday’s House of Lords debate, initiated by Baroness Gardner […]

CentreForum think tank ponders leasehold

CentreForum invites LKP to contribute to its leasehold report   In three weeks time another important report into leasehold is to be published, this time by the liberal think tank CentreForum. Earlier this month LKP was invited to its Queen Anne’s Gate to offer its contributions to report, which – we are assured – were […]

BBC’s ‘Don’t get done, get Dom’

Staggering £420,000 award at City Heights, Nottingham The story of how Neil Healey and residents from City Heights in Nottingham managed to get back £420,000 of over paid charges. The management was Solitaire / Peverel Group.

‘You are all barrack-room lawyers with too much time on your hands,’ ARHM president tells complaining pensioners

At the House of Lords debate on Monday, Baroness Greengross, a Crossbencher peer and the president of the Association of Retirement Housing Managers trade body, caused outrage by claiming complaining pensioners in retirement developments were “barrack-room laywers” with too much time on their hands. “She has a nerve,” said Julia Scott, who lives in North […]

Lords debate leasehold reform

Both the Tchenguiz family and Peverel were named in a House of Lords debate yesterday on leasehold service charges. They were singled out by Baroness Gardner of Parkes (Conservative) – the only freeholders and managing agents named in the debate – when referring to landmark LVT settlements, including the £1 million pay-back to residents at […]

Lonely Shapps: the only one who doesn’t think there is a need for leasehold regulation

Grant Shapps, Housing Minister, does not think the leasehold racket needs cleaning up, in spite of unanimous agreement in the industry – let alone the 1.8 million leaseholders themselves   The body representing the most powerful interests in British property fully supports greater regulation of the leasehold sector – leaving Housing Minister Grant Shapps isolated […]

‘Not everything about Peverel was wonderful,’ says Janet Entwistle

The new boss of Peverel has given an interview to Property Week. She wants time, but leaseholders are jettisoning the company as quickly as they can. 20 April 2012 | By Emma Haslett Private equity owners hope Entwistle will combat Tchenguiz effect. Emma Haslett reports Janet Entwistle, newly appointed chief executive of residential management company […]