Charter Quay tops £500,000 after latest win over ‘rent for common areas’

The amount of money recovered by the Charter Quay residents has this week passed more than half a million pounds in cash. The bulk of this came from actions against companies owned by the Tchenguiz Family Trust. In the latest (and last) case more than £90,000 has been recovered from the landlord with the help […]

Dud paperwork, no payment necessary

Demands for ground rents and service charges must have the landlord’s address, following a ruling by the Lands tribunal earlier this month. That of the managing agent alone is not sufficient. The case went to the Land Tribunal after landlords Beitov Properties Limited were pursuing service charges from a tenant, Elliston Bentley Martin, in Enfield, […]

Leasehold Advisory Service: ‘Lawyers here won’t even speak to me, because I cannot afford their fees’

An emotional Julian Shersby, who lost £44,000 in an LVT action, tells the Leasehold Advisory Service conference it is failing ordinary leaseholders

In the last ten minutes the Leasehold Advisory Service annual conference burst into life this afternoon when a furious delegate grabbed the microphone and said the quango was failing to represent the interests of ordinary leaseholders. “I see around me here landlords and managing agents and lots of lawyers who won’t even speak to me […]

LKP comment on LEASE annual conference 2012: a trade show for ‘leasehold professionals’ courtesy of taxpayers

EDITORIAL Anyone who thought that last week’s annual conference of Leasehold Advisory Service, a quango paid for out of taxpayers’ money, would be a gathering of ordinary leaseholders, swapping ideas and experiences of managing their apartment blocks, would have been sadly deluded. It was, in fact, a very expensive trade show filled with representatives from […]

Pensioners in £137,000 victory


Leasehold residents wrongly charged for warden’s flat … dating back to 1986! Landmark victory at Oakland Court, in Worthing, means notional rent for a warden’s flat cannot be paid out of service charges   In a landmark case, 40 elderly leaseholders have won an epic battle against paying for the notional rent of their warden’s […]

St George’s under new management

After the £1 million fiasco at St George Wharf, new managing agent wins an award! Last September, the Berkeley Group paid out £1 million to residents at the landmark St George Wharf (left), in Vauxhall, who had complained of loaded service charges, inter-company contracts and inflated insurance contracts. Nine months on, the new managing agent […]

Peverel: a lot of resigning

Are changes afoot at Peverel, with managing directors Lee Middleburgh and retirement MD Keith Edgar off for a spot of gardening leave? Not according to the company spokesman who tells LKP: “Lee Middleburgh is group managing director of Peverel Property Management and Keith Edgar is managing director of Peverel Retirement.” All’s fine then, but there […]

Premier joins as LKP tops 20,000 site visits

Premier Block Management, run by Simon Goodkind, and based in Elstree, Herts, is the latest managing agent to sign up to LKP, which this week topped 20,000 site visitors since December. A huge welcome to Simon and his team, who run sites from London down to the south coast. LKP would like to offer a […]

Esther Rantzen speaks at ARHM

Carlex questions whether Esther Rantzen should be ARHM guest speaker The Carlex campaign is openly questioning why Esther Rantzen is the guest speaker at the annual jamboree of the Association of Retirement Housing Managers, where Peverel manages 65,000 of the 105,000 units under the members’ management. Retirement management is the most controversial area of block […]

Attack on OFT over exit fees

Hanover housing association, which manages 17,000 retirement properties, attacks Office of Fair Trading for its bungling three-year investigation into exit fees   OFT: Fancy logo and generous budget, but what does it actually do? The Hanover Housing Association, which manages 19,000 retirement properties, has issued a devastating criticism of the Office of Fair Trading for […]

Meeting with Bruton Street Management

A full and frank discussion this morning with Andrew Kafkaris, of Bruton Street Management, who provided evidence for Baroness Gardner at last week’s House of Lords debate. Understandably Richard, who used to be the RA chairman at Millbank Court, in Pimlico – which he now manages – has strong views about leaseholders being aware of […]