Cabinet minister celebrates Charter Quay ‘independence day’ as it breaks free from ‘monstrous companies’: Tchenguiz and Peverel


YouTube videos Charter Quay: the epic trailer Charter Quay with Ed Davey MP, Energy Secretary, speech   The residents of Charter Quay in Kingston were in full celebration yesterday having bought out the Tchenguiz interests at the site and sent the controversial freeholder packing. A 30-strong choir sang uplifting songs extolling freedom, bunting with the […]

Charter Quay: LVT’s devastating criticism of Tchenguiz/Peverel management

The LVT ruling in November 2011 is perhaps the most damning one ever made at an LVT.

Most critical LVT ruling ever made? This piece is a report of the staggering Leasehold Valuation Tribunal victory at Charter Quay in November 2011. It is the most devastating criticism of the Tchenguiz/ Peverel modus operandi to be aired and judged in open court. The full LVT ruling can be read here: CHARTER QUAY LVT […]

Charter Quay tops £500,000 after latest win over ‘rent for common areas’

The amount of money recovered by the Charter Quay residents has this week passed more than half a million pounds in cash. The bulk of this came from actions against companies owned by the Tchenguiz Family Trust. In the latest (and last) case more than £90,000 has been recovered from the landlord with the help […]

What part of ‘Go away!’ don’t you understand, Vincent?

Charter Quay, in Kingston, Surrey, has scored three crushing victories over Vincent Tchenguiz (and Peverel). The LVT ruling on November 22 last year may have been the most damning ever made at an LVT. January 26 2012: A large raspberry is likely to be blown in the face of Vincent Tchenguiz on February 4 when […]