Tchenguiz PR man detonates Bottomley eruption during Queen’s Speech debate


Tchenguiz PR man named in Commons ‘Apology’ by obscure website to Vincent Tchenguiz read to MPs Sir Peter asks what was Tchenguiz’s role during the Peverel / Cirrus price fixing scandal? Tchenguiz freehold valuations questioned Why are huge loans issued against valuations ‘created from thin air’? Government should put pressure on professional standards bodies to […]

Biggest right to manage victory ever at Century Wharf, Cardiff

Century Wharf, Cardiff, is a Tchenguiz site of 967 flats that was managed by Peverel. It is the biggest site in the country to have won RTM

The Right To Manage Federation writes … The Right to Manage Federation has achieved its biggest ever RTM at a Peverel managed development of 967 luxury apartments known as Century Wharf, Cardiff. This eclipses England’s biggest RTM, the prestigious Metro Central Heights block of 422 flats at the Elephant & Castle completed by the RTMF […]

AgeUK would not get involved, Shelter has quit, Peverel has been expelled and Esther Rantzen is asking questions … the fiasco of the Campaign for Housing in Later Life


Last Friday, Peverel was expelled from the House Builders’ Federation campaign to reinvigorate the retirement housing market. Its logo was removed from the campaign’s website, while earlier in the week the homeless charity Shelter also decided to jettison the campaign. AgeUK – which last year removed its logos from the Peverel Retirement site – had […]

Carlex whistleblowers were THREATENED with prosecution if they went public over OFT’s toothless £500k investigation into Peverel-Cirrus


The three Carlex whistleblowers of the Peverel-Cirrus scam were threatened with prosecution by the Office of Fair Trading  if they revealed the investigation. The threat was minuted by the OFT on September 27 2012 even though it had already decided to give Peverel leniency and not take any action. In a blatant example of shooting the […]

Tchenguiz backs down over demanding £5,000 from couple … for a conservatory built more than 20 years ago!


The Tchenguiz Family Trust has backed down on demanding £5,000 for consent for a conservatory that was attached to a  retirement leasehold bungalow more than 20 years ago. Two days ago, Carlex raised the issue with Estates and Management, which manages the Tchenguiz residential freehold portfolio. The original story can be read below or here, with […]

Palgrave Gardens gives Peverel its marching orders

Palgrave Gardens, near Regents Park, in central London gave Peverel a one-year contract last year after obtaining right to manage. Now it has given the troubled property manager the boot

Another prime London site says goodbye to Peverel, a year after winning right to manage and allowing the property manager to show what it could achieve. That is: showing what it could achieve working for consumers, as opposed to getting business straight from the developers, or working for its former owner and giant freeholder Vincent […]

Cut out the nonsense and pay up for Peverel cheating! Cabinet minister tells Entwistle


‘ … On this issue you seem unwilling to listen, learn or improve’ Energy Secretary Ed Davey has today told Peverel chief executive Janet Entwistle to pay a “much larger compensatory offer” for running a price-fixing cartel. In December Peverel subsidiary Cirrus was found to have been running bid-rigging tendering for contracts worth £1.4 million […]

Cirrus isn’t an ARMA member so we have nothing to say about the price-fixing scandal, says Michelle Banks


… but you must take it on trust that if those bits of Peverel that ARE members sign up to ARMA-Q these practices will be ‘outlawed’ and ‘speedily detected’ Michelle Banks (right), chief executive of the Association of Residential Managing Agents, has stated that her organisation will do nothing about the Peverel / Cirrus price-fixing […]

Guardian covers more fall out from Peverel’s price-fixing scam with Cirrus Communications


The Guardian returned to the Peverel price-fixing scam involving Cirrus Communications yesterday. The personal finance editor Patrick Collinson reported Janet Entwistle, Peverel CEO, rejecting calls for compensation. Peverel is insisting on paying only £100,000 as a “goodwill” payment to settle a dispute in which it systematically rigged tender processes in favour of its subsidiary Cirrus […]

Janet Entwistle to Bottomley: £100,000 ‘goodwill’ payment over Cirrus scam stays and she welcomes meeting with MPs and Carlex


Janet Entwistle, the Peverel chief executive, won’t increase the compensation – Peverel terms it ‘goodwill’ – offered to sites that were likely to have been cheated in the price-fixing scandal. Her decision is made in reply to Sir Peter Bottomley – copied in to LibDem Cabinet minister Ed Davey and Labour MP Jim Fitzpatrick – […]

National Business Awards will not remove an award to Cirrus Communications in 2009 – even though 15% was for ethics!


A National Business Award given to Cirrus Communications Systems in 2009 – just before its owner Peverel confessed to the Office of Fair Trading that it was running a price-fixing cartel – will not be removed. The decision has been taken by UBM, the business magazine publisher that runs the awards. “Cirrus Communication Systems was […]

Peverel given clean bill of health by ARMA – just as it admitted Cirrus was cheating pensioners with bogus tenders

Lee Middleburgh shares his genius in the uncritical pages of Flat Living magazine in January 2010, which shares a director with insurer Residents' Line

  Peverel was given a clean bill of health by an “independent audit” and was boasting of its improved services to ARMA – the Association of Residential Managing Agents – just days after admitting a price-fixing scam to the OFT. On January 4 2010, then Peverel managing director Lee Middleburgh wrote in a “proactive step” […]

Guardian report pours scorn on OFT price-fixing investigation – and Peverel’s contemptible £100,000 ‘goodwill’ offer


Yesterday the Guardian published a devastating report of the Peverel / Cirrus price-fixing scandal. It poured scorn on Peverel for systematically cheating residents of retirement leasehold, on the Office of Fair Trading for its scandalous feeble report and being suckered into granting Peverel leniency. It also rightly derided Peverel’s £100,000 offer of a “goodwill gesture” […]

Guardian examines the Peverel / Cirrus price-fixing scandal tomorrow


The Guardian is publishing a major report into the Peverel / Cirrus price-fixing scandal in tomorrow’s newspaper. It is written by Patrick Collinson, the personal finance editor, and will appear on the front cover of the stand-alone Money section. It is understood that the report gives the background to the sham tendering that Peverel engaged […]

Three MPs tell Entwistle to pay up more over Peverel / Cirrus scandal, or accept binding mediation


Janet Entwistle, the chief executive of Peverel, was this afternoon sent a letter from Sir Peter Bottomley demanding higher compensation to sites cheated in the Cirrus cartel, or to accept independent binding mediation. The letter is backed by Ed Davey, Energy Secretary and LibDem MP for Surbiton and Kingston, and Jim Fitzpatrick, MP for Limehouse […]

Pravda alive and well at LEASE, ARMA and Peverel … who ALL support the OFT inquiry into leasehold fiddling


Not since the Soviet Union went out of business have we seen such clottish attempts to spin a positive line. It started at the website of our old friends at the Leasehold Advisory Service deciding that the key point in Sir Peter Bottomley’s speech to leaseholders in London on November 12 was a passing polite […]

OFT will report on the Peverel / Cirrus price-fixing scandal on Friday


The long awaited Office of Fair Trading investigation into the Peverel / Cirrus price-fixing scandal concludes on Friday at 11am. Click on image to read OFT website or here But there will be a delay in publishing the Infringement Decision – if there is one. “If the final outcome in this investigation is an Infringement […]

Sir Peter Bottomley condemns criminal behaviour, price-fixing, cheating freeholders, exit fee fiddles, opportunist lawyers and feeble judicial intervention


… in a speech that ALL leaseholders have been waiting to hear   Sir Peter Bottomley made the speech all leaseholder victims of the system were waiting for when he condemned the current practices in the flawed sector. Speaking at the annual meeting of the Federation of Private Residents’ Associations – which LKP urges all […]

Private Eye reports Peverel price-fixing scandal


Today’s issue of the satirical magazine Private Eye carries a report on the Peverel / Cirrus price fixing scandal, which is the subject of an Office of Fair Trading investigation. Peverel is co-operating with the inquiry and has been granted “leniency” as a result from court action. The OFT says Peverel turned itself in in […]

Pensioners trapped by broken lift in Peverel block make BBC news … and it has happened FOUR times before in the past TWO years!


It emerges that pensioners living in Peverel retirement leasehold blocks have been trapped by broken lifts four times over the past two years, according to local press reports. This means that the stranded pensioners of Ferndown Grange in Bristol, reported by the BBC yesterday, are far from being an isolated case. The item featured on […]

Peverel loses 2,376 prime London units

Peverel has taken a hammering in central London this year and lost the management of a number of key sites. And its former owner, the Tchenguiz Family Trust is going along with the decision to replace the giant management company. The Berkeley Group – often at the behest of residents – has been pressing the […]

AgeUK removes its logos from the Peverel Retirement website


AgeUK today removed its logos from the Peverel Retirement website, after their presence was drawn to its attention by Carlex. No explanation has been given why the logos – for AgeUK, Age Cymru and Age Scotland – were placed on the Peverel Retirement website. The AgeUK logos sat on a page titled “Affiliates and Accreditations” […]

Carlex meets lawyers over Peverel price-fixing scandal

A meeting was held in London on Wednesday with lawyers to discuss how Carlex should proceed with the Peverel / Cirrus price-fixing scandal. Also, the Office of Fair Trading is under scrutiny at the highest level for cutting a leniency deal with Peverel, ostensibly because Peverel turned itself in in December 2009 by admitting the […]

After furore at Mere Court another retirement leasehold site rebels in Knutsford


At Ash Court, Knutsford, residents are dismayed that a well-liked house manager has quit … while Peverel is jumpy about a right-to-manage uprising Acrimonious exchanges between Peverel management and a house manager of 10-years standing have caused a second retirement leasehold site in Knutsford to erupt in rebellion. Marge Ashley, 67, originally from South Africa, […]

Is Peverel gearing up for another sale?


It’s a question worth asking, as its current owners venture capitalists Electra and Chamonix will get shot of it at the propitious moment. In February 2012 they bought Peverel, which had been part of the Tchenguiz empire from 2007 until it went into administration in March 2011. The deal involved a £62 million transaction supported […]

Winter of misery ends for couple in leasehold flat, thanks to LKP

Ade Bankole and his wife Otitokan Oluwo

A couple who endured squirrels rampaging in the roof and rainwater running down the walls of their leasehold flat have at last had their complaints vindicated, thanks to the intervention of Leasehold Knowledge Partnership. Ade Bankole, 38, and his wife Otitokan Oluwo, 35, had been complaining to Peverel since October last year without success. Rivulets […]

Been ripped off over leasehold insurance? Take your complaint to the secret ombudsman, says Peverel


UPDATE April 18 16.08: Peverel statement at end of article A retirement leasehold resident disputing Kingsborough insurance commissions with Peverel has been told that she must take her dispute to an ombudsman, whose rulings are not published. Joan Wade, who has lived at Grasmere Court in Worthing since 2003, was appalled to receive a letter […]

Dead squirrels in the roof and rivulets of water down the walls … couple feel let down by Peverel


UPDATE APRIL 8:  From Mr Bankole: Dear Mr. O’Kelly, Still with huge gratitude for the efforts you have expended into seeing OM Property Management Company/Peverel attend to their responsibilities in effecting the repairs of our roof and other issues associated with it. The surveyor and a contractor came along with a staff of OM Property […]

Will a new spin doctor on £90,000 with ‘personal integrity’ work wonders for Peverel?


Can this be our old friends at Peverel tarting up their image in leasehold management by recruiting a ‘Head of Communications” for £90,000 a year? It sounds like it from the description … “to restore the reputation of this multi-brand, market leading service provider with its customers, staff and the media”. The job is based […]

Lee Middleburgh quits Peverel ‘to pursue new opportunities’

Lee Middleburgh

A long standing member of the Peverel Politburo Lee Middleburgh from before the arrival of Janet Entwistle has resigned. His departure follows that of Keith Edgar, former head of Peverel Retirement in December. Peverel issued the following statement: STATEMENT To be attributed to Janet Entwistle: Lee Middleburgh, Managing Director, Peverel Property Management, has decided to […]

Metro Central Heights wins largest ever right to manage action

Metro Central Heights in Elephant and Castle also won RTM, but has kept Peverel on for a year

The biggest ever right to manage case has been won at the multi-storey, 422-apartment Metro Central Heights in London’s Elephant and Castle, but Peverel has been retained as managing agent. Its performance will be reviewed after 12 months and then the residents will decide whether to offer the management contract up for tender. The site, […]

After £11,500 Peverel victory, Strand Court dumps second managing agent


In June Leasehold Knowledge Partnership and Carlex reported how former wartime squadron leader Eric Matthews, now aged 95, had won back £11,500 off Peverel in a brilliant Leasehold Valuation Tribunal victory over insurance and other commissions at Strand Court, in Rye, East Sussex. And last month Matthews was interviewed in the Channel Four Dispatches documentary […]