BNP Paribas is charging £220 subletting fee – for very little

One of the properties i manage have recently send out subletting consent forms and advised that the charge of £220.00 + VAT would be payable once the form was received. The managing agents are BNP Paribas and the head lease states that they are allowed to charge a reasonable fee for subletting consent. We have […]

High charges from Deacon property management. Advice needed

Has anyone had dealings with Deacon property management please?  I’m hoping to buy a 1-bed flat in a two flat semi-detached in Brighton managed by them but the paperwork from the solicitors is turning up really high charges for year up to Sept 2014: 100 Ground rent 890 Service charge expenses 300 Building Insurance 100 Health […]

Our freeholder calls us leasehold owners “a bunch of animals”

This comment submitted by a leasehold owner living on the Edgeware Road in north London deserves wider prominence By Simin Eftekhari The comment at the beginning refers to this article immediately below: “They are in a converted bakery in an area of the town with anti-social issues and most of the owners are investors … or […]

Just how much can a freeholder charge in a leasehold flat sale?


Any thoughts from the LKP readership on this leasehold question? What is a reasonable fee for a freeholder to charge in processing a flat sale? In this housing association there may be procedures to confirm suitability of a purchaser for this type of housing. £250 all in would seem about the maximum to us.

Local authority is charging £20 and £75 subletting fees (pay up and count yourself lucky, says Leasehold Knowledge Partnership)


Q&A from reader Please add views as comments When Haringey switched to an arms-length management organisation (Homes for Haringey) I figured it might improve the management of my two rented leasehold properties. But sadly all it meant was a £300+pa management fee slapped on top. In recent months their high service charges etc have irritated […]