Pier Management issues £120 sublet demand on the dead

Pier Management admits issuing £120 sublet demand before reading the lease at Nightingale House, it is claimed

… Which did not even need to be paid by the living Leasehold reached a new low with Pier Management demanding a subletting fee from a man who is dead. Nor was a sublet fee payable had Mr A Gaffney, of Dublin, been alive. Pier Management admitted it had not read the lease before demanding […]

Peverel / FirstPort paid ‘£40,000′ of residents’ contingency fund money to Mr Tchenguiz ‘by mistake’


In an extraordinary admission, Peverel / FirstPort says it has paid over thousands of pounds of contingency funds at Hillside Court, Ormskirk, to the landlord “by mistake”. Residents estimate that up to £40,000 is at issue, involving the one per cent contingency fund fess payable on sale of the properties.

BNP Paribas is charging £220 subletting fee – for very little

One of the properties i manage have recently send out subletting consent forms and advised that the charge of £220.00 + VAT would be payable once the form was received. The managing agents are BNP Paribas and the head lease states that they are allowed to charge a reasonable fee for subletting consent. We have […]

Sub-letting fees should not be more than £40, landlords are told (four times by the Land Tribunal)

This binding ruling by the Upper Chamber (Lands Tribunal) of January 2012 should be quoted in all correspondence where freeholders or their agents are demanding sub-letting fees of more than £40 plus VAT which are not specified in the lease Click here In monetary terms sub-letting fees are one of the more trifling little earners […]

It’s £850 for subletting … er, alright, I will take £100, says boss of Hallmark Developments

Meadow Park, by Hallmark Developments, may be lovely ... but £850 subletting fees indicate the worst excesses of retirement leasehold

An appalled reader who received an £850 subletting demand from the boss of Hallmark Developments has had the bill slashed to £100 after contacting LKP / Carlex. Paul Couchman, of Stapleton in Bristol, received the demand after renting out his mother’s two-bedroom flat at Meadow Court in Braintree, Essex. Under the terms of the lease, […]

Local authority is charging £20 and £75 subletting fees (pay up and count yourself lucky, says Leasehold Knowledge Partnership)


Q&A from reader Please add views as comments When Haringey switched to an arms-length management organisation (Homes for Haringey) I figured it might improve the management of my two rented leasehold properties. But sadly all it meant was a £300+pa management fee slapped on top. In recent months their high service charges etc have irritated […]

Prostitutes breach leasehold covenants concerning ‘persons of immoral life’

 By Jan Middleton With regard to the article ‘Panic at prostitutes results in £912 sub-letting fee demand’ article, Leasehold Knowledge Partnership readers may be interested in my own experiences at my leasehold estate this week. Concerns were raised with the police by a number of residents/leasehold owners – including me – that there was prostitution […]

Challenge to £100 leasehold subletting demand reveals nothing at all is owed


The Leasehold Knowledge Partnership is frequently contacted for advice on freeholder’s try-on subletting demands. These include the subletting consent and the registration, and involve absolutely minimal bureaucracy by the freeholder and his managing agent. Yet charges are routinely £100 – £135, and then there are registration fees of around £75. Our advice to  leasehold owners […]

Panic at prostitutes results in £912 sub-letting fee demand


The extraordinary story of how leasehold owner Claire Jenkinson was presented with a subletting demand for £912 in sub-letting fees, after she sought to rent out her Kensington flat.   Troy Court, which recently won RTM, imposed the fee after a panic over prostitutes using the prestigious address at the entrance to Holland Park.   […]

Troy Court £912 leasehold sub-letting fee cut by £400 thanks to LKP (with more to come?)


The Kensington leasehold resident who faced a demand for a ludicrous £912 sub-letting fee for renting out her flat has had the sum reduced by £360, after contacting Leasehold Knowledge Partnership. The property manager Blenheims has conceded that Claire Jenkinson should not have been invoiced £360 (inc VAT) for the freeholder’s undefined legal expenses. It […]

£912 sub-letting fee demanded at Kensington’s Troy Court – after prostitutes moved in


Troy Court in Kensington High Street – one of the most desirable addresses in the country – has been so plagued by unwelcome tenants, including prostitutes, that it is making flat owners pay eye-watering sub-letting fees that in one case amount to £912, including VAT. Claire Jenkinson is so incensed by the “astronomical” demand passed […]

Anchor Trust upsets retirement residents by allowing sub-letting – where the lease prohibits it


UPDATE APRIL 5, 17.51: In a statement justifying its policy, Anchor refers to the Office of Fair Trading report which stated that “terms in long leases preventing sub-letting have potential for unfairness” and that “permission [to sub-let] should not be unreasonably withheld”.  See below A curious dispute is brewing at our sister site Carlex over retirement developments owned and managed […]