Residents say: ‘Don’t give up. You can and will win’


By Angela Saul and Dorothy Leiper Follow @LKPleasehold Tweet After years of accepting the status quo, because we thought we had to, we heard about Right to Manage and felt we had been thrown a lifeline. We joyfully grabbed what we thought was a straightforward, attainable and enforceable way to escape a regime that was oppressive, […]

‘There is no sight more venal than that of someone making money out of other people’s misery’ – Angela Saul


This is the full statement of Angela Saul, 78, that she read to the First Tier Tribunal in January. It is a powerful and passionate appeal that will resonate with leaseholders who have faced a freeholder determined to resist right to manage. However, the tribunal did not agree with Mrs Saul. It stated: “the tribunal do […]