[Eight] Ten days after talking tough, LEASE seems to have dropped ‘Mire for hire’

Benjamin Mire

Benjamin Mire

UPDATE July 18: LEASE finally appears to have dropped the enterprises of controversial property manager Benjamin Mire from its professional directory – which are paid-for adverts.


Eight days after LEASE ruled that all advertising associated with controversial property manager Benjamin Mire be removed from the quango’s website, it is still there.

On July 8 LEASE chairman Deep Sagar was “asking my chief executive to expeditiously terminate LCL’s contracts (LEASE Conferences Ltd) with Trust Property Management (TPM), and Benjamin Mire Chartered Surveyors (BMCS) for listing on the practitioners’ directory”.

But either LEASE has again had an attack of the wobbles, or LEASE chief executive Anthony Essien has a very elastic interpretation of the word “expeditiously”.

The adverts are still on the LEASE website and can be seen here

Meanwhile, Sir Peter Bottomley has sent Mr Sagar a blunt reply to the good news that Mire was finally to be given the push:

“Mr Mire should not have held judicial office.

“Mr Mire/his business should not have behaved in a way that justified 24-34 adverse determinations.

“Such bad, unprofessional conduct should have had him struck off LEASE’s network without my intervention.

“How many might have suffered from him and his practice?

“Please confirm you have written or will write to the RICS, his professional body.”

LKP will shortly publish the Judicial Appointments and Conduct Ombudsman report into the ELEVEN complaints about Mire that were received by the judicial authorities.


  1. AM says

    From the earlier articles isnt it a case of the old t & cs for listing are being met, and I suspect they are bound to include him until the new t& cs apply on renewal. Expeditiously therefore means as “soon as we are able” i.e. at the end of the contract.

    Perhaps you should put in a countdown clock :)

  2. Karen says

    LEASE obviously think they are a Law unto themselves and are unquestionable! Maybe we should all write a letter to LEASE and ask them these very same questions. They are supposed to be protecting leaseholders – this does not look to me as though they are protecting anyone but themselves..
    Lets see what the next 2 days brings….

  3. AM says

    But the law might require that the existing contract, which does not include the new terms and conditions, be honoured. No matter the underlying lack of honourable conduct…The lack of a definitive determination would also prevent them from terminating the contract early. Or they threw their hands in the air like the just don’t care…who knows

    • admin says

      Your idea of a countdown clock was much appreciated, but beyond our IT department’s capabilities.

      • AM says

        if you get your way I am sure that you will find someone to make a clock for “Countdown to Commonhold” :)

  4. Michael Epstein says

    If the lack of a countdown clock is due to lack of finance, you could get one on tick!

  5. martin says

    The clock finally struck 12 today and Mire’s and Trusts adverts have now been removed from the LEASE web site.

  6. AM says

    Their site says ” expert in Leasehold Valuation Tribunal (LVT) matters”

    Perhaps because they have been there often enough to be told how not to do it ?…:D