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  1. Claras says

    About leasehold Insurance: how is it possible that in order to defend leaseholders against abuse from speculators such as: Managing Agents, Freehold Investors, Builders and their Lawyers, the normal leaseholders, have to have money, must know the law at a solicitors level, be able to read complicated insurance policies, sctructural engineering and surveyancing at a graduate level?

    • Debbie says

      That sounds about right… We did have money and 3 years later still in the same position. despite a LVT ruling in our favour. I gave up on my insurance company. who in the end found many excuses not to pick up my case. Who can blame them ‘leasehold law’ is not a subject that a high street solicitor bod would understand. We spent many hours learning in order to communicate with professionals. We went to every government agency and other bodies such as ARMA; the latter clearly on the side of the Managing Agent. The CEO who I spoke to directly, completely dismissive of the behaviour of one of his members and parmed me off with one of his rottweilers (I still have the emails)!…We paid ourselves. 15K to get a county court and LVT ruling in our favour and still 3 years later the same behaviour from the agent who has ignored the ruling. I dont believe personally after many years of fighting the situation and brushing up on every law and speaking to every regulatory body that nothing will help the lamen ‘ordinary leasholder’ until there is government enforcement of policies in place to manage these agents. Just as the FSA or now FCA regulate the financial organisations… Any insurance policy despite how much money you have is a waste of time.

    • says

      Between us we do have the qualifications that you mentioned in July 2013.
      So ask the questions and we as a group will help as we can.

  2. Timbobbin says

    Question: Car parking.
    We are in a block of 41 apartments, leasehold to Fairhold+Peverel managed.
    There are 19 car park spaces provided on site useable daily “first come first served” as per the Lease.
    Some wish to vary the Lease to change this to “allocated” spaces.
    Is this ,practicably, feasible. What would be the likely costs. How dangerous would this be to the tennants in giving the Leaseholder/Landlord resson to charge for car parking ?

  3. Karen says

    If there are 41 apartments and only 19 parking spaces and all the apartments have the right to park if there is a free space then you will find it impossible to get allocated parking added to the lease as some leaseholders will be unable to park their cars and is surely not fair.

    Did your planning application to the council stipulate allocated or un-allocated parking?
    Asking your landlord to approve allocated parking is really asking for trouble… I would say don’t do it.

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