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  1. Sarah says

    Can anyone help me with my situation. I purchased a leasehold flat (160yrs) last year in a converted Victorian semidetached villa property. 4 flats on one side and 4 flats in the other semi detached villa. On our side the freeholder owns and manages the property above us, the rest below are privately owned and rented out. The flat above is a really low rent. I asked the freeholder & buildings manager why and he said that it is a low rent property in their portfolio & they have no intention of doing it up as it yields enough rent for them. We have had a eastern European living there & illegally sub-letting and we have found evidence which we gave to freeholder who did act quickly to remove these tenants – however I’m worried that the low rental will attract simalar unsavoury types above us. They own 2 other flats in the exit door block,again rented out to Eastern Europeans. Is there any recourse for me to get this improved? I fear it will affect the quality of living standards and the value of my flat. I’ve heard scary info about freeholders pushing out owner occupier to get speculators in so they can rent out cheap flats. But why would this benefit them. Surely having owner occupies in your block means they’ll look after the place? Help pls as I’m unsure whether to sell next year & get out of a unsolvable problem. Thanks

  2. Michael Epstein says

    Yes there are ways you can fight and possibly even win. However in my opinion, if you can move i would.
    Remember, once you start legal proceedings, you would have to declare it to any potential buyer, thus losing value in the property.
    It may not be of help to you, but i would advise anyone buying a property to make several visits, some at night or weekends so that you can see for yourself if a potential neighbour is gong to be a nuisance.

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