To develop the LKP accreditation scheme, we consulted widely among ordinary leaseholders, many of whom had contacted us through the Carlex website. We were also assisted by sympathetic solicitors and organisations such as the Federation of Private Residents’ Association, Carlex, the Charter Quay Residents’ Association, directors of the main housebuilders and property managing agents.

The accreditation documents will be updated to take into account improvements suggested by leaseholders and our accredited members.

The accreditation documents do not require a 100 per cent pass mark, as even in key areas – eg contingency funds – there is a need to be flexible. But they will provide an understanding of how you are managing your business and whether you share the ethos of   LKP.

The annual fee structure for LKP accreditation for managing agents:

Up to 200 units     £220 plus 60p per unit
201 to 500 units    £330 plus 60p per unit
501 – 1000 units    £440 plus 60p per unit
1001 – 2000 units    £500 plus 60p per unit
2001 – 4000 units    £600 plus 50p per unit
4001 + units    £700 plus 45p per unit

Maximum fee     £3,000.00 p.a.

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  1. Sue Stuckey says

    How does being accredited by LKP make a managing agent more reliable and trustworthy than one admitted to membership of ARMA or ARHM?

  2. admin says

    Several reasons:
    The managing agents cannot also be a freeholder;
    They cannot be beholden to a single freeholder client;
    Most of their management is for resident management companies;
    They have to agree to the accreditation process: easy access and frequent accounting as is stated on this site;
    There cannot be inter-company contracts (kick-backs);
    References are scrutinised and the referees are ordinary leaseholders;
    If a managing agent goes over to the dark side, which would be a failure of the LKP process, he will be publicly thrown out of the organisation;
    LKP is not a trade body, or involved in property management;
    LKP is a campaigning body with a strong editorial ethos to address the inherent unfairnesses in leasehold;
    Managing agents sign up to that ethos, or they can go elsewhere.

    It is worth adding that the biggest and richest managing agents in the country, which have long held the whip-hand in both the organisations you name and which have obvious conflicts of interest, would not be eligible for membership of LKP.

  3. Juliet Whitng says

    Interesting comments. My management company is Trinity Estates, who have merged with Chainbow (our previous management agents) who were also part of the Freshwater Group our original or under lease holders. So are you saying that Trinity cannot be accredited with ARMA, its on their website. Ottimo also another off shoot is being featured in our service charge bills (no breakdown) for services and admin fees.
    Appreciate a reply – Thank you Juliet

  4. AM says

    Neither Chainbow nor Trinity were or are part of the Freshwater Group. I suspect you are conflating management with the property ownership.

    ARMA has it own rules, what ADMIN is discussing is LKP rules which might preclude ownership of a service company. While there are arguments for that providing a better service, and in Chainbows case I know some spoke highly of their handyman service or Centro’s, in Sutton, cleaning and gardening services. as Erinaceous and “Cheengooz” and his mob showed, it is rife with poor or self interested service and at worst ,outright exploitation.

    It is LKP’s decision who to admit once they are satisfied that the applicants operations meets their criteria, which, as they say, is focused entirely on the welfare of residents under management.

  5. Job CF says

    Congratulations on your initiative. There are too many MAs out there who mislead and exploit leaseholders.

    [REDACTED …]

  6. ANON says

    Ottimo are owned by the same Directors as Trinity under the new ARMA-Q regulations Trinity will have to annual declare their interest in Ottimo but not the actual sums it gains.

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