Rynew Property Management

rynew-logoRynew Property Management provides property management services for new build developments in London.  Both partners bought & lived in new build apartments and were left frustrated at the poor services and realised things could be done better.  With Daren Touhey (founder) & Desmond Moreira’s (co-founder) knowledge and experience in housing and property management, Rynew Property was founded in 2008.

Property Management companies tend to care more about profits rather than the interests of residents, which causes a lot of frustration. They use expensive contractors, as they have no local business connections. In the end, it takes twice as long to respond, costs more and stresses residents out.

Also no effort is being made to bring residents together and create a vibrant community, which we feel puts them as a massive disadvantage. Rynew Property Management has resident directors on most of our sites and they make the decisions like setting the budgets and ensuring the service meets the expectations of residents.

We save residents money by favoring local contractors who often charge a fairer price and can respond much faster to an issue like a repair. We also set up Facebook groups for all our developments, which helps create a bigger sense of community. Our use of social media breaks down cultural boundaries as people can get to know their neighbours online. Our mission is to change how the industry engages communities and provides services.

We are known for our honesty, speedy response to issues and communications. We leave people feeling excited again about where they live.

Please contact us by email: connect@rynewproperty.com or telephone: 08452 99 40 44. We are about to launch our website www.rynewproperty.com and our own Rynew TV channel: www.rynewproperty.tv in January/February 2012

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