Walton & Allen


Walton and Allen’s ability to remove unwanted managing agents from badly run buildings has brought huge relief to over 1,300 leaseholders.

Not only do we actively manage the removal, but we can replace the outgoing agent with ourselves to ensure that the handover and first year of liberation achieves maximum impact. Leaseholders have always elected to retain us after this period, as they have witnessed firsthand, what we can do.

Based in Nottingham, the directors use their knowledge of right to manage legislation to rally as many of the leaseholders as possible and take up the fight, on their behalf. Other buildings may be administered by a ‘residents management company’ which is not controlled by the residents but the incumbent managing agent or the original developer.

These situations give rise to a severe conflict of interest that the residents are often not aware of. Walton & Allen can infiltrate the board of directors and wrestle control out of their hands and into the rightful ownership of the residents.

Walton and Allen are not afraid of ‘the establishment’ having resigned from ARMA membership in 2011 as it became evident that its Council is controlled by those very managing agents whom leaseholders want removing from their buildings. We felt that this was an unworkable and conflicted situation.

It is not our intention to wax lyrical about how good we are on this page. We have proven our pedigree in practice and if you wish to see our up to date testimonial (unsolicited) list, then please request it by contacting Mark Batty (director) on 0115 924 3304 or mark@waltonandallen.co.uk.

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