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LKP urges minister to include leaseholders in Flood Re insurance plan

Most flat owners remain excluded from Flood Re, the government’s scheme to ensure that flood-prone properties are covered by some form of insurance.LKP has written to DEFRA Minister Dan Rogerson expressing its strong disappointment.Flood Re is a government-brokered deal with insurers that aims to ensure that those in homes at risk of flooding will be protected from high insurance premiums. … [Read More...]


Roger Southam takes over as LEASE chair

… and Countrywide executive appointed to the board (which means there is still no representative of leaseholders)The colourful property manager Roger Southam, of Chainbow, is today announced as the new chairman of the Leasehold Advisory Service.Mr Southam, a chartered surveyor, founded Chainbow but sold out most, perhaps all, its residential management contracts to Trinity in 2012.LKP contacted him in that year regarding Chelsea Bridge Wharf by Battersea Bridge which, like most … [Read More...]


Leaseholder Association: One hat too many for Dudley Joiner?

UPDATEDudley Joiner demands removal of Leaseholder Association leaflet published on LKP / CarlexDudley Joiner, of the Leasehold Association, has insisted that the letter explaining the organisation be removed from the LKP / Carlex websites.He claims it is a breach of copyright to reproduce the document, which was purportedly sent to all “invitees” – in fact, Martin Boyd was not sent a copy.It was also circulated to MPs.The copy reproduced on LKP / Carlex was that sent to Sir … [Read More...]


Countrywide ‘ripping off’ leaseholders, MP tells Commons. And it is given the boot by Bovis Homes

- Property management company accused of stalling hand-over of residents’ management companies - Bovis Homes is ejecting Countrywide from Swindon sites and is not appointing it at future ones - And … Countrywide declines to confirm whether it is applying to join ARMA-Q Justin Tomlinson (left), Conservative MP for North Swindon, has accused Countrywide of “ripping off” leaseholders in the House of Commons.Mr Tomlinson claimed that freeholders and property managers were stalling the right … [Read More...]


Cooee! Peverel becomes FirstPort and heading for ARMA-Q … But will it be welcome?

Like the unwanted guest at a party, Peverel has put on some outlandish new clothes and now seeks to crash ARMA-Q.It is rolling out its new FirstPort brand, which means when you click on the Peverel website you are passed on to a new site.The change in name is taking place a year after the Office of Fair Trading found that Peverel / Cirrus had been systematically cheating pensioners with a bogus tendering process. … [Read More...]


Quadrangle House residents seek to regain control of their RTM

The residents of Quadrangle House in Stratford east London last week chose a number of directors for their right to manage company.They were seeking to end the anomaly that the only director has been Dudley Joiner, owner of Team Property Management, which manages the site.His Right To Manage Federation, which is not a federation but a commercial RTM facilitator, took Quadrangle House to right to manage in 2010. … [Read More...]


CMA: easier right to manage, re-tendering property management when residents choose, changes to major works rules … but no statutory regulation of block managers

… And CMA may re-examine sector if no improvements Below is the press release of the Competition and Markets Authority, whose report into property management was released today at 11am.LKP / Carlex will be providing a full analysis later. Jim Fitzpatrick, LKP patron and Labour MP for Poplar and Limehouse said:"The CMA report represents the sector's last chance to regulate itself. While the CMA accepts a number of agents on the sector do a good job, the report has highlighted some of … [Read More...]


No change over Cirrus retirement scam, says Entwistle, although Peverel leaves an open goal for compo claims

Janet Entwistle, the chief executive of Peverel (soon to be reborn as FirstPort), has ruled out mediation with retirement residents scammed in the Cirrus collusive tendering scandal.Any “unhappy individuals” should make a complaint directly to her, she says in minutes of a meeting with Carlex on October 10.Having orchestrated a price-fixing racket for four years (between 2005 and 2009), Peverel got off scot-free after the Office of Fair Trading gave it leniency accepting the preposterous … [Read More...]

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LEASE: is this really good enough?


Stop taking money from Benjamin Mire, Bottomley tells Leasehold Advisory Service

… and instead of passing on complainants’ names to him, you can use mine! Sir Peter Bottomley has told LEASE, the Leasehold Advisory Service, to stop taking money to advertise the company of Benjamin Mire, Trust Property Management. Trust appears on the LEASE website in the professional directory. LKP has established, with a freedom of […]

How you get scammed on insurance … with tips from LEASE!

It is a brilliant (not-so-little) earner and one that – astonishingly – isn’t illegal. Buy up residential freeholds, charge enormous commissions for arranging the insurance and pass the bill on to leaseholders, who – and this is the really brilliant bit – have no legal right whatsoever to find out what the commissions are. The […]


Now LEASE survival is at stake … it wants to meet the ‘stakeholders’

The taxpayer-funded Leasehold Advisory Service organised its first wide-ranging “stakeholder” meeting last Thursday to understand how it can best get feedback from the sector. LKP / Carlex would question why it wants this feedback in the first place, given that LEASE has said absolutely NOTHING about abuses in the sector and left this task entirely […]


Welsh government to investigate leasehold abuses

The CentreForum report into leasehold, A new lease of life: Reforming leasehold for the 21st century, has prompted  a reaction in the only other country in the world apart from England that has this flawed form of property tenure: Wales. A report has appeared on Walesonline and a Welsh Government spokesman said: “We share many […]


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Council’s section 106 is delaying the hand-over of residents’ management companies, Countrywide tells leaseholder in complaints ruling

Swindon leaseholder Andy Webb, who lives in Bovis-built site The Oaks, complained to Countrywide Estate Management about the delays in handing over control of the residents’ management company. He wished to attend an AGM and put himself forward as a director, and the complaint was “escalated” in July to Elaine M Evans, Countrywide’s “compliance & complaints […]


LKP election manifesto … as minister thanks LKP for official leasehold figure of 4.1 million private properties

As LKP issues its all-party election manifesto, the Housing Minister Brandon Lewis this week recognised our work in completely revising official figures concerning leasehold properties. “I understand that the Leasehold Knowledge Partnership has worked closely with my officials to enable the publication of more accurate data on the number of residential dwellings in England subject […]


LKP managing agent Jones Associates wins right to manage for retirement site

LKP-accredited managing agent Pauline Jones, of Jones Associates in Macclesfield, has just taken the latest Peverel retirement site right to manage. Residents at Metcalfe Court, in Romiley in Cheshire, where the freeholder is the Tchenguiz Family Trust, had long standing issues with Peverel. On the prompting of Carlex / LKP they approached Pauline Jones, who […]


Will Lord Best’s proposals produce a healthy retirement housing market …

… Or help perpetuate what is already wrong with it? – Government should underwrite retirement flat purchases like Help To Buy scheme – There should not be any stamp duty when downsizing – Schemes where some service charges are deferred until a property is sold should be ‘made available more widely’ – Retirement accommodation offers huge savings over maintaining family […]

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