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Housing minister Brandon Lewis meets LKP / Carlex

Brandon Lewis, the housing minister, this week met the Leasehold Knowledge Partnership / Carlex, accompanied by its patron MPs Sir Peter Bottomley and Jim Fitzpatrick.The meeting covered the following:Lease forfeiture: LKP / Carlex says this nuclear weapon of freeholders should be ended as it can give rise to unjustifiable cash windfalls.No one in leasehold attempts to justify the latter.The case of the forfeiture of Dennis Jackson’s £800,000 Battersea flat at Plantation Wharf … [Read More...]


Dudley Joiner: Not relevant that I was disqualified from being a company director for 7 years

Dudley Joiner, the businessman offering services to leaseholders, has told LKP / Carlex that being disqualified as a company director for seven years has “no relevance to my current activity”.The ban was imposed between 1993 and 2000 in the Chancery Division of the High Court following an action by the Secretary of State for Trade and Industry.In the ruling (in full below), Judge Edward Evans-Lombe described Mr Joiner as “markedly cavalier” with other people’s money.The judge said … [Read More...]


FirstPort backs down over demanding £10,808 from leaseholder … and she is not staying silent either

A leaseholder at Phoenix House in Leicester has fought off demands for £10,808.60 from Peverel / FirstPort, represented by the debt-collecting solicitors JB Leitch.Jacqueline Henderson has been in dispute over service charges since 2010, which she claims are erroneous.After attempting to obtain the money for some time, FirstPort then threw in the towel and suggested that Ms Henderson sign a Tomlin agreement and confidentiality clause.The precise background to the dispute is unknown, … [Read More...]


BBC told Charity Commission should stop dawdling over recognition of LKP

In a wide ranging BBC 5 Live Investigates programme on leasehold scandals – which can be heard here – Sir Peter Bottomley said the Charity Commission should recognise LKP’s application without further delays.He told interviewer Adrian Goldberg on May 24 (for which LKP reproduces the transcript below): “The Charity Commission need to register Leasehold Knowledge Partnership as a charity to fight on behalf of leaseholders being beaten off.“The Charity Commission got the idea they are on … [Read More...]


RICS exonerates Benjamin Mire in shock ruling

… but Bottomley names him yet again in the Commons hours earlier UPDATE June 4: Statement of RICS on the caseControversial property manager Benjamin Mire was today cleared of all disciplinary charges by his professional body, RICS.The result will be a crushing disappointment to leaseholders who have repeatedly complained about Mr Mire, the proprietor of Trust Property Management, based in Colindale, north London.It is also a humiliating set-back for the RICS professional conduct … [Read More...]


Outrageous: Persimmon builds leasehold houses – for the never ending income stream

The Daily Mail today brings to light a scandal of current housebuilding: the building of free-standing leasehold houses.This is in preference to freehold, which is the form of tenure that these houses would normally be.The newspaper highlights London Road in Peterborough where Persimmon is building three bedroom houses and selling them as leasehold for around £170,000.Opposite, on the west side of the road, Barratt is also building houses but selling them as freehold for around the … [Read More...]


RICS sets aside two-day disciplinary hearing for Benjamin Mire

Benjamin Mire, who frequently represented his client Lakeside Developments at the property tribunal while also holding a judicial appointment, faces a two-day disciplinary hearing of the Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors on June 1-2.Mr Mire, whose own firm Trust Property Management is based in Colindale, north London, is to be heard on four formal charges (listed here and in full below).These include failing to act at all times with integrity, bringing RICS into disrepute, failing … [Read More...]


George Osborne’s childhood nanny facing £115,000 bill to council

Farieda Chandoo, 61, George Osborne’s childhood nanny, is a passionate believer in the right-to-buy – which the Tories want to extend to housing associations – but her experience of owning a flat in a council block has been disastrous.Now her case, reported on LKP in February 2014 here has been reported in the Sunday Times.Farieda Chandoo, 61, a former nurse who looked after the five-year-old George, bought her three-bedroom, split-level ex-council flat for £42,000 in 1997.But she … [Read More...]

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Will ARMA-Q bring change?


ARMA membership … Find out on Twitter!

In piecemeal fashion, ARMA is announcing companies that have signed-up to the new regulatory regime ARMA-Q on Twitter. These are the new criteria for membership of the trade body. The decision marks an abrupt reversal of a decision last week by Michelle Banks, the CEO, to announce the accredited companies in February once all applications […]


Feeble talk from CMA at ARMA conference

– CMA soothes leasehold managers by repeating its skimpy MORI poll findings – 25% of ARMA membership still not signed up to ARMA-Q – ARMA does NOT manage 60% of sector – How relevant are the happy leaseholders of Liverpool in disputes elsewhere? With just over two months to go before the self-regulatory code ARMA-Q comes […]


ARMA-Q: a qualified welcome, but it is not a new dawn

COMMENT The Leasehold Knowledge Partnership broadly welcomes the draft ARMA-Q initiative, which may help resolve the less poisonous disputes in blocks managed by ARMA members. It has also made suggestions to improve it: first, to make the disciplinary procedures public, like ours; secondly, to strengthen the requirement to declare ‘conflicts of interest’ to leaseholders. It […]


ARMA-Q doesn’t mean property managers are more honest, says leasehold activist

Shula Rich (left), a long standing leasehold activist, writes to LKP to argue that ARMA membership is not an indicator of higher quality management. “If managing agents aren’t ARMA Q compliant that does not mean they’re not as good as those who’ve passed,” says Ms Rich, who runs the Brighton and Hove District Leaseholders Association.


20% of ARMA members ‘walk out over new ethical scheme’

… and if ARMA’s Twitter feed is to be believed, two-thirds of the membership has dropped out   At least of a fifth of the membership of ARMA has ditched the trade association that on January 1 brought in more rigorous membership criteria. This is the figure reported by ARMA insiders, although many think the […]


Why we resigned from ARMA, by LKP managing agent

Nottingham-based Walton & Allen is a battle-scarred veteran of struggles where residents have wrested control from unwelcome landlords and their agents. Leasehold Knowledge is delighted to welcome the company into the fold as an LKP accredited managing agent. Walton & Allen was once a member of ARMA but has lost faith in that organisation. “We […]


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Bottomley tells BBC he will fight on for leaseholders

Sir Peter Bottomley, newly re-elected for Worthing West, told the BBC this morning that he will fight as hard as he can for leaseholders who have been ripped off. The interview on Brighton-based BBC Sussex also featured the retirement site Oakland Court where residents won a court case involving £137,000 paid in rent for the […]


DCLG to reform recognised residents association rules

Anyone needing a reminder why recognised residents associations are important needs to recall why this freeholder spent £75,000 for an afternoon in the property tribunal trying to thwart one. A recognised has the power to appoint a surveyor (in fact, au auditor) to go over the books. Now there is a discussion paper out from […]


LKP thanks its patron Ed Davey, who lost his seat in the election

Carlex / LKP is deeply saddened that one of its three MP patrons, LibDem Ed Davey, lost his Kingston and Surbiton seat at Thursday’s general election. With England voting for financial rectitude, and in alarm at the rising power of the SNP, only the Conservative party benefitted from the achievements of the Coalition. The result […]


Michelle Banks steps down at ARMA

Michelle Banks, the ARMA chief executive, is to step down in July. The announcement to ARMA members comes from ARMA chairman Martin Perry. “ … sadly I have to announce that Michelle Banks will not be joining us in this next phase [of ARMA-Q] having taken the decision to join her husband in retirement. “Michelle […]


We save money living at Woodchester Valley Village … but then we do all own it ourselves

When his retirement village outside Stroud, in Gloucestershire, went bust – with many of the leasehold properties unsold – Peter Wilson and the other residents decided to buy the site off the administrators, raised £2 million and now run the site themselves. The result is Woodchester Valley Village, a mutual ‘not for profit’ village. What the elderly residents have […]

Pier Management admits issuing £120 sublet demand before reading the lease at Nightingale House, it is claimed

Pier Management issues £120 sublet demand on the dead

… Which did not even need to be paid by the living Leasehold reached a new low with Pier Management demanding a subletting fee from a man who is dead. Nor was a sublet fee payable had Mr A Gaffney, of Dublin, been alive. Pier Management admitted it had not read the lease before demanding […]


Three MPs worth voting for if you are a leaseholder

Carlex / LKP has no political affiliation, and our three MP patrons – Sir Peter Bottomley, Jim Fitzpatrick and Ed Davey – come from the three main political parties. The below explains what they have done for leaseholders: Sir Peter Bottomley (Conservative) represents Worthing West, which has a high number of flats and retirement sites. […]

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