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Residents faced bills of £1,250 each to make good a leaking roof, now paid for by the original developer

Red Rock saves 156 leaseholders from £187,200 repair bill

Owners of 156 leasehold flats at the Hawkins Road site in Colchester were spared £1,250 each thanks to Red Rock, an LKP-accredited managing agent.Weston Homes built the high specification 12-block Hawkins Road site between five and seven years ago, but soon after the first leaseholders began to move in, reports of problems started. … [Read More...]


Florries Law won’t help me with £43,000 demand from Haringey council

Almost immediately after Eric Pickles announces Florries Law – his £15,000 cap for local authority leaseholders over bills for major works – up when up pops another anomaly.The Leasehold Knowledge Partnership has been contacted by an 88-year-old lady regarding a £37,000 demand from Haringey council. The fee comes on top of a £6,000 bill for a lift repair last year. … [Read More...]


DCLG leasehold team issues raft of improvements

Retirement exit fees may get the chop, at last! The new DCLG leasehold team, with whom Carlex / LKP has been working closely, yesterday announced a range of measures in addition to "Florrie's Law" (see LKP) and acceptance that the leasehold sector is far larger than was previously thought.They include referring exit fees in retirement leasehold to the Law Commission. … [Read More...]


Competition and Markets Authority issues update on leasehold study

… But it wants further feedback, so let them have it! ... Oh, and oldies are happier than those in non-retirement flats The Competition and Markets Authority (CMA) has today issued an update on its market study (see below) into the provision of residential property management services in England and Wales.LKP / Carlex applauds this study and the work of those behind it. The CMA has understood many of the issues and does not seem to have been hoodwinked by the sector, its assorted trade … [Read More...]


ARHM’s pathetic response to the Peverel / Cirrus scandal

… while “under review”, Cirrus sponsors the ARHM summer conference and is doled out generous contracts  In the club: Richard Wheeldon, ARHM vice chair, part of the Cirrus review team and an executive of Housing and Care 21 housing association. It handed out a bumper contract to Cirrus in February, two months after the OFT found it had carried out collusive tendering and without waiting for a decision on the company by the ARHM review team. Just as well, then, that the ARHM did not … [Read More...]


Nine months in the making: ARHM rules on Peverel / Cirrus scandal

ARHM STATEMENT INTO PEVEREL PRICE FIXING / COLLUSION FOLLOWING INVESTIGATION BY FORMER OFT.StartsThe ARHM Audit and Regulation Committee has been working with Peverel to review the outcome of the OFT investigation into collusive tendering in relation to the supply and installation of certain access and alarm systems to retirement properties.This collusive practice breaches the principles of the ARHM in seeking to raise the standards of management in retirement housing and, in … [Read More...]


Serious Farce Office messes up again, with £6m so far to Vincent

By Brian Rix Nearly three and a half years after the Tchenguiz brothers were arrested on March 9 2011, the farcical case at last comes to an end. Vincent gets a groveling apology plus a £3 million bung from the Serious Fraud Office – or the Serious Farce Office – which also has to pay an initial £3 million for Vincent's legal costs with more to be negotiated. … [Read More...]

Daughters ’R’ us: Alex Ellison (right) with her mother, Barbara Weston, daughter and grand-daughter

ARHM rejects daughter’s complaint that Peverel pushed Mere Court pensioners into agreeing house manager’s flat sale …

… a flat that, it emerged, Peverel itself ownedThe daughter of a resident at Mere Court retirement flats in Knutsford who believed Peverel was urging the sale of the house manager’s flat for financial gain has had her complaint rejected by the ARHM.Alex Ellison was appalled to discover that Peverel was encouraging the sale of the flat while repeatedly saying it belonged to the freeholder Proxima, part of the Tchenguiz Family Trust.In fact, the flat belonged to Peverel itself and … [Read More...]

Siobhan McGrath, for 13 years senior president of the Residential Property Tribunal Service and now president of the new Property Tribunal

Judge Siobhan McGrath apologises over Mire debacle

Judge Siobhan McGrath has apologised to the leaseholder whose complaints led to Benjamin Mire losing his judicial appointment.The apology to Colin Dennard, 73, of Ferndown in Dorset, is an acknowledgement that the Residential Property Tribunal Service (RPTS), of which McGrath was the Senior President, bungled the issue. (She is now president of the new Property Chamber).The RPTS “misapplied the rules on the handling of complaints” which delayed the investigation into Mire. … [Read More...]

Benjamin Mire

[Eight] Ten days after talking tough, LEASE seems to have dropped ‘Mire for hire’

UPDATE July 18: LEASE finally appears to have dropped the enterprises of controversial property manager Benjamin Mire from its professional directory – which are paid-for adverts. Eight days after LEASE ruled that all advertising associated with controversial property manager Benjamin Mire be removed from the quango’s website, it is still there.On July 8 LEASE chairman Deep Sagar was “asking my chief executive to expeditiously terminate LCL’s contracts (LEASE Conferences Ltd) … [Read More...]

The Old Bakery in Kettering has witnessed one of the most blatant try-ons seen over monetising major works

Freeholder Sean Powell has major works demand slashed by £600,000

But … the bill to Kettering homeowners was more than £1 million, including Sean Powell’s fees of 10% to manage the project – from London – plus the VAT … demands of £42,500 per flat were more than their re-sale value … tribunal throws out vast bills supposedly ‘to comply with building regulations’ … tribunal told – with no evidence – proposed works supported by police, local council and Tory MP Philip Hollobone … and, no, of course the victorious homeowners won’t get their £11,200 legal bill … [Read More...]


LEASE dumps Benjamin Mire … after eight months of dithering!

The Leasehold Advisory Service has finally decided to bar controversial managing agent Benjamin Mire from advertising on the LEASE website.The decision was announced today and applies to Benjamin Mire’s companies Trust Property Management and Benjamin Mire Chartered Surveyors.Mire, a property manager based in Colindale, north London, resigned from his judicial appointment to the property tribunal during an investigation last summer. … [Read More...]


Will insurers leave flooded leaseholders in the soup?

Last week (Monday June 23) LKP met DEFRA Minister Dan Rogerson for a round table meeting with other leasehold groups about the flood insurance proposals in the Water Bill.All are concerned flooded leaseholders will be left out of the government's Flood Re scheme. The only organisations seemingly unconcerned is the Association of British Insurers.In the past the industry’s “statement of principles” has provided some level of guarantee of flood cover, but this is due to be updated. … [Read More...]

Discussing alternatives to leasehold: Martin Boyd (left) of LKP holds Westminster discussion with hosts Jim Fitzpatrick (Labour MP, Limehouse and Poplar) and Sir Peter Bottomley (Conservative MP, Worthing West)

LKP holds Westminster meeting on commonhold

"Millions have an interest in leasehold living. Most would gain when commonhold or strata title becomes the norm.  "This meeting is an important step forward. "In the near future, abuse and misuse and the shortcomings of leasehold can be tackled. "For the future, there should be a timetable to end new residential leaseholds and to overcome any practical obstacles to the use of commonhold title." Sir Peter Bottomley and Jim Fitzpatrick, MPsLast Thursday (June 26) the Leasehold … [Read More...]

ARMA tells Y and Y Management to mind its manners and control its temper

ARMA’s regulatory panel announced on Friday June 27 that it had admonished Y and Y Management following a complaint over “intemperate and unprofessional language” to a leaseholder who visited its north London offices.A letter of admonishment has been sent to the company, headed by Joseph Gurvits, whose business partner is freeholder Israel Moskovitz. Both have been named in the House of Commons by Sir Peter Bottomley.Carlex and LKP have reported the two's activities here and here. They … [Read More...]


Tchenguiz PR man detonates Bottomley eruption during Queen’s Speech debate

Tchenguiz PR man named in Commons 'Apology' by obscure website to Vincent Tchenguiz read to MPs Sir Peter asks what was Tchenguiz’s role during the Peverel / Cirrus price fixing scandal? Tchenguiz freehold valuations questioned Why are huge loans issued against valuations 'created from thin air'? Government should put pressure on professional standards bodies to 'terrify life' out of those assisting questionable practicesUPDATE June 6: The Independent … [Read More...]


Brixton Hill Court battles on for RTM after demand for £42,000 costs is cut to £18,000

UPDATE May 24: Sir Peter Bottomley has commented on this article. See belowBrixton Hill Court is fighting on for right to manage even though its first attempt to break free of freeholder Springquote has resulted in an £18,000 legal bill.A date is soon to be set for a second showdown in the London property tribunal.It promises to be a bitter, hard-fought battle played out with considerable public attention. … [Read More...]

Century Wharf, Cardiff, is a Tchenguiz site of 967 flats that was managed by Peverel. It is the biggest site in the country to have won RTM

Biggest right to manage victory ever at Century Wharf, Cardiff

The Right To Manage Federation writes … The Right to Manage Federation has achieved its biggest ever RTM at a Peverel managed development of 967 luxury apartments known as Century Wharf, Cardiff.This eclipses England's biggest RTM, the prestigious Metro Central Heights block of 422 flats at the Elephant & Castle completed by the RTMF in 2012.The Century Wharf development comprises 19 buildings divided into 35 self-contained units confusingly known as houses. … [Read More...]


West India Quay defeats £74,560 legal onslaught …

... and wins the right to a recognised residents’ associationThe residents at West India Quay in London’s Docklands have won their epic battle to have a recognised residents’ association.Represented for free by Martin Boyd, a co-director of the Leasehold Knowledge Partnership, the residents faced a legal onslaught headed by Edwin Johnson, QC.This added up to £74,560 in costs for an afternoon hearing at the London tribunal on March 27. … [Read More...]


AgeUK would not get involved, Shelter has quit, Peverel has been expelled and Esther Rantzen is asking questions … the fiasco of the Campaign for Housing in Later Life

Last Friday, Peverel was expelled from the House Builders’ Federation campaign to reinvigorate the retirement housing market.Its logo was removed from the campaign’s website, while earlier in the week the homeless charity Shelter also decided to jettison the campaign. AgeUK – which last year removed its logos from the Peverel Retirement site – had declined to get involved.Meanwhile, Esther Rantzen, who is fronting the campaign and who was also contacted by Carlex, has requested – and … [Read More...]

MailOnline reports Brian Copsey being remanded last year

Jailed Bryanston Court fraudster Brian Copsey exposed by £1.8m bounced cheque

'He lived among his victims with no apparent shame or remorse' The respected finance director of a residents’ management company at Bryanston Court in central London was exposed as a thief after a £1.8 million cheque bounced.Brian Copsey, an accountant from New Zealand, plundered his neighbours of £1.1 million “to pay for his children’s education” … and to fund an “extravagant lifestyle”. … [Read More...]

Deep Sagar: 'Stop promoting Mire or resign', says Sir Peter Bottomley

Quango-crat Deep Sagar told: sack ‘disgraced and disgraceful’ Benjamin Mire or sack yourself!

Sir Peter Bottomley has told the chairman of the Leasehold Advisory Service Deep Sagar to stop advertising the services of  Benjamin Mire – or resign.Mire, the chief executive of Trust Property Management based in Colindale, north London, is a chartered surveyor who sat as a panel member of the property tribunal until he resigned in the midst of an investigation last summer. … [Read More...]

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LEASE: is this really good enough?

Anthony Essien

LEASE: Benjamin Mire’s advertising stays, but new terms and conditions are issued

The Leasehold Advisory Service has today issued a statement to LKP saying that it will continue to promote the commercial activities of controversial managing agent Benjamin Mire. But new terms and conditions  mean the taxpayer-funded quango can boot out any leasehold professional advertiser “at any time in our sole discretion”. Pointedly, it states that Mire […]

We WILL take money from Benjamin Mire, says Leasehold Advisory Service

 The Leasehold Advisory Service (LEASE) is going to keep on taking money from controversial managing agent Benjamin Mire after dithering over the issue for FOUR months. Mire, the chief executive of Trust Property Management, is a chartered surveyor who was a panel member of the property tribunal until he resigned in the midst of an […]


Bottomley asks housing minister: when was the purpose of LEASE last reviewed?

The Leasehold Advisory Service has come under parliamentary scrutiny with Sir Peter Bottomley asking the housing minister when the purpose of LEASE was last reviewed. He has also asked that LEASE provide to him a public report on problems in the leasehold sector that are known to LEASE. The controversial quango is up for review […]

Leaseholder Colin Dennard, 72, notes changes to the Trust Property Management website in August

Leasehold Advisory Service to Bottomley: two more weeks to investigate Benjamin Mire

The Leasehold Advisory Service has told Sir Peter Bottomley that it will need another two weeks to investigate complaints against controversial chartered surveyor Benjamin Mire. Mire, the chief executive of Trust Property Management based in Colindale, in north London, resigned from his judicial appointment on the property tribunal last summer following an investigation into his […]

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Israeli magazine reports London leasehold

Two MPs closely involved with LKP / Carlex, Jim Fitzpatrick (Labour, Limehouse and Poplar) and Sir Peter Bottomley (Worthing West, Conservative) feature in an article on London leasehold issues published by Israeli magazine “ALondon”. Unfortunately, LKP’s Hebrew scholarship is not up to the task of reading the article. But with untranslated and untransliterated words such […]

Competition and Markets Authority seeks the views of leaseholders in Liverpool

Engage Liverpool to hold public meeting with CMA

Engage Liverpool, which represents flat owners in the centre of the city, is holding an open meeting with leaseholders on May 21. It has invited Douglas Cooper, of the Competition and Markets Authority, to hear from leaseholders, particularly those who have experience of self-management. Engage Liverpool represents leaseholders who have bought flats in the city […]


Mail on Sunday today: Leasehold is becoming an election issue

The Mail on Sunday has today devoted more than a page of editorial to leasehold issues. The article bluntly outlines the abuses faced by leaseholders at the hand of monetising freeholders and the property managers, surveyors and lawyers who serve them. The article is illustrated with a photo of Emma Reynolds, MP, the Labour shadow […]

Emma Reynolds, 36, the shadow housing minister, is showing an interest in leasehold

LKP / Carlex meets shadow housing minister Emma Reynolds

Carlex / LKP met shadow housing minister Emma Reynolds yesterday to discuss problems in the leasehold sector. The meeting was organised by Jim Fitzpatrick, the Labour MP for Poplar and Limehouse, who has some of the richest and poorest leaseholders in the country in his constituency. He has become a firm stalwart in fighting for […]


Shelter ‘dumps’ the Campaign for Housing in Later Life

The charity Shelter appears to have ceased involvement in the ‘Campaign for Housing in Later Life’, which Carlex revealed on April 9 registered its website to the address of the Bournemouth HQ of McCarthy and Stone. The Shelter logo that appeared on the campaign’s website has been removed. Since publication by Carlex, the campaign has […]


Survey on leasehold flood insurance

The British Insurance Brokers’ Association has launched a survey for leasehold flood insurance to find out how leaseholders have been affected by the winter deluge. At present, leasehold properties are excluded from the government’s Flood Re insurance scheme and BIBA wants to quantify the evidence. The exclusion also applies to small businesses, homes built after […]


Campaign for Housing in Later Life traced to … McCarthy and Stone HQ!

The Campaign for Housing in Later Life has been traced back to the Bournemouth headquarters of McCarthy and Stone. The website, which seems to have been started last autumn, has a registered IP identification that uses the same postal address as the retirement leasehold developer. Other backers whose logos adorn the website include Peverel, Anchor […]

Baroness Maddock wants more right to manage and more commonhold

‘Five million leaseholders is a lot of votes’, the Lords are told

The House of Lords had another short debate on leasehold issues last Thursday and urged the case for reform to benefit five million leaseholders. The debate was initiated by by LibDem peer Baroness Maddock, who said “further reform is still needed and is very much a live concern for the millions of people living in […]


Legal army to stop West India Quay getting … a recognised residents’ association

Giving recognition to a residents’ association at the most exclusive apartment block in Canary Wharf posed the sort of “risks that you see with the trade unions”, the First-Tier Tribunal was told last Thursday. The remark was made by the freeholder’s professional witness, chartered surveyor Bruce Maunder Taylor – and was greeted with guffaws of […]

Thanks to LKP I saved £120 on Tchenguiz subletting fee

An email from a grateful reader: Hi Sebastian, Just a quick line to say that thanks to the advice on your website, I was able to reduce the consent/registration fee from £175 to £55, with regards to subletting our leasehold property.


Sebastian O’Kelly wins second press award for leasehold reform

Sebastian O’Kelly, Carlex chairman and director of the Leasehold Knowledge Partnership, last night won a press award for his coverage of leasehold for the second year running. O’Kelly won the “Scoop of the Year” category for his report into the scandalous forfeiture of the £800,000 flat belonging to Dennis Jackson, at Plantation Wharf in Battersea. […]


You and Yours features Carlex and OFT inquiry into leasehold management

The influential BBC  Radio 4 programme You and Yours yesterday featured retirement leasehold. This is an area of “most concern” according to Douglas Cooper, of the Office of Fair Trading, which is carrying out an inquiry into leasehold management. The programme can be heard here and the item begins 46 minutes into the programme.


MPs call for all-party group on leasehold, and to stop right to manage being thwarted

The Westminster meeting on Tuesday March 11 on right to manage organized by Leasehold Knowledge Partnership / Carlex saw an all-party group on leasehold becoming more likely. The move would certainly be backed by Sir Peter Bottomley, Conservative Swindon MPs Justin Tomlinson and Robert Buckland, as well as Jim Fitzpatrick, Labour MP for Poplar and […]


Imperial Hall beats off £12,366 claim from Sterling Estates Management

  Residents at Imperial Hall beside the “silicon round-about”, north of the City, have defeated a £12,366 claim from its former freeholder for outstanding management fees. The demand failed at the First-Tier Tribunal last week, even though the freeholder’s solicitor Roger Hardwick, of Brethertons, took the unusual step of supplying a witness statement in support […]


Times reports inquiry into dodgy freeholders

Deidre Hipwell, of the Times, reports: Dodgy landlords should be on their guard after the Office of Fair Trading launched an investigation into the residential property management industry. After years of complaints from millions of flat owners claiming they were being overcharged for poor service to maintain their homes, the OFT said it wanted to […]

Commons told of LKP leasehold figures

The work of Martin Boyd, co-director of the Leasehold Knowledge Partnership, to provide accurate leasehold figures was drawn to the attention of the Commons yesterday. Boyd used leasehold figures from the 2011 census and the National House-Building Council to conclude that there are 5.3 million leasehold properties rather than the 2.5 million repeated by government […]

Vincent Tchenguiz

Bottomley questions Tchenguiz leasehold interests in the Commons

The Tchenguiz activities in leasehold property were highlighted in the House of Commons yesterday by Sir Peter Bottomley. In a brief aside during debate over the private rented sector, Sir Peter referred to “the Tchenguiz interests featuring in the Office of Fair Trading report on abuses of leaseholders, overvaluations of freeholds and the sale of […]


Carlex whistleblowers were THREATENED with prosecution if they went public over OFT’s toothless £500k investigation into Peverel-Cirrus

The three Carlex whistleblowers of the Peverel-Cirrus scam were threatened with prosecution by the Office of Fair Trading  if they revealed the investigation. The threat was minuted by the OFT on September 27 2012 even though it had already decided to give Peverel leniency and not take any action. In a blatant example of shooting the […]

Residents at Elim Court, in Plymouth, have exposed practices of Y and Y Management at tribunal, winning £3,000

Devon pensioners humiliate Y and Y Management and Avon Freeholds at tribunal

… and Y and Y Management ‘broke the ARHM code’ (except it is actually a member of ARMA) London-based freeholder Israel Moskovitz and his business partner Joseph Gurvits, of Y and Y Management, must rue the day they snapped up at auction the freeholds of retirement sites in Devon. After a two-year legal marathon – […]

It's along walk to the top at the Burj Khalifa for those withholding service charges

Burj Khalifa: Pay the service charges, or we will switch off the lifts

The property managers of the world’s tallest building, the Burj Khalifa in Dubai, have threatened to switch off the lifts if residents won’t pay service charges. Air conditioning, power and possibly water may follow as a long-standing dispute with residents at the 160-story skyscraper escalated this week. Emaar Properties, the Dubai developer that runs the […]


Number of leasehold homes is DOUBLE the figure the government believes, says the Leasehold Knowledge Partnership

Shocking leasehold report: LKP leasehold market evaluation final. Press Release The residential leasehold sector – mainly flats – is the murky corner of the housing market … and it is far larger than any government body has realised. The Leasehold Knowledge Partnership today publishes a report demonstrating that there are 5.37 million leasehold properties in […]

Palgrave Gardens, near Regents Park, in central London gave Peverel a one-year contract last year after obtaining right to manage. Now it has given the troubled property manager the boot

Palgrave Gardens gives Peverel its marching orders

Another prime London site says goodbye to Peverel, a year after winning right to manage and allowing the property manager to show what it could achieve. That is: showing what it could achieve working for consumers, as opposed to getting business straight from the developers, or working for its former owner and giant freeholder Vincent […]


Leasehold Bill from ALEP receives a few home truths in the Lords

How impressed one has to be with the lobbying activities of the lawyers in ALEP: the Association of Leasehold Enfrachisement Practitioners. It waives a piece of paper pointing out that the powers of attorney – for the incapacitated – do not apply in Landlord and Tenant Law and – in no time, it seems – […]

Residents at Welland Quarter in Market Harborough have found that their leasehold rights are seriously diminished by the freeholder being in administration

Help! Our freeholder at Welland Quarter is in administration …

… which means no recognition of the residents’ association, no RTM or enfranchisement. But this may STILL be an opportunity Leaseholders at Welland Quarter in Market Harborough have discovered how unempowered they are when a freeholder goes into administration. It means that administrators Grant Thornton cannot recognise the residents’ association, and there is a freeze […]

Timber Wharf, in Manchester's Castlefield, is the fashionable showroom of developer Urban Splash, but residents claim the roof has been leaking for ten years

Collapsed ceilings and dripping walls at prime Timber Wharf in Manchester

Leaseholders at the fancy Timber Wharf in Manchester are facing a £1 million bill to pay for a new roof, only 12 years after the site was completed. It is claimed that the building has been beset with leaks within two years of being completed and conditions in some of the flats are so bad […]

Benjamin Mire

Benjamin Mire has been in front of tribunal 52 times since 1999

Controversial managing agent and chartered surveyor Benjamin Mire (right) appeared before the property tribunal in 52 cases since 1999, according to a Ministry of Justice statement. But he only sat on the panel as a judicial officer 14 times between 2007 and 2010, which was the last year he did so.


Leasehold owners attack council ‘admin’ charges

Leasehold owners are increasing fighting back against councils loading ‘admin’ costs for routine work. Labour councillors in Tower Hamlets, in east London, have called on the council to scrap a 17 per cent increase. The Leasehold Knowledge Partnership has evidence of 29.95 per cent admin surcharges for leaseholders in Haringay, north London, on simple repairs.


Leasehold activist features in Independent

Karen Peel – a regular on the LKP website and a leasehold activist who regularly helps others achieve right to manage – has featured in the Independent. Her story of how she tracked down more than 130 leasehold owners at the Pinnacle in Wakefield has long been known to readers of the Leasehold Knowledge Partnership […]


Commons today repeats LKP figures on number of leasehold owners

… and found time to name Peverel and Cirrus – again – and “tricksy freeholders” and grasping leasehold lawyers The Leasehold Knowledge Partnership estimate on the number of leasehold owners was repeated in the Commons today. This is a coup for Martin Boyd (left), LKP stalwart and chairman of the residents at Charter Quay, Kingston, […]


LKP reported in Insurance Times over flood figures

  The Leasehold Knowledge Partnership has at last come up with an accurate figure for the number of leaseholders there are in England and Wales, after analysing government statistics. It is far higher than the usually quotes 3 million.


OFT’s ‘leniency’ deal saved Peverel / Cirrus £4m in fines, says The Oldie

  The cleverness Peverel demonstrated over the Cirrus scam was revealed in The Oldie magazine this week. Had Peverel not suddenly decided to come clean in December 2009 – just after the issue had been reported in the Times, but before the full Carlex submission arrived in January 2010 – it could have been fined […]


Leasehold owners excluded from government’s flood insurance plan, Flood Re

… which includes retirement sites, council housing and penthouses on the Thames   Joint press release, backed by the Leasehold Knowledge Partnership, of the British Property Federation and the Council of Mortgage Lenders The significant contribution of LKP to this is Martin Boyd’s first accurate statement of the numbers of leasehold properties there are in […]


OFT told: You’ve had the facts on leasehold for years. Just get on with it!

The Campaign for the Abolition of Leasehold (CARL) has sent an acerbic letter to the Office of Fair Trading in response to its inquiry into leasehold. The letter comes from chairman Nigel Wilkins (left), who has headed CARL since 2003, as the OFT seeks to define the “scope” of its inquiry. CARL has been the […]


Cut out the nonsense and pay up for Peverel cheating! Cabinet minister tells Entwistle

‘ … On this issue you seem unwilling to listen, learn or improve’ Energy Secretary Ed Davey has today told Peverel chief executive Janet Entwistle to pay a “much larger compensatory offer” for running a price-fixing cartel. In December Peverel subsidiary Cirrus was found to have been running bid-rigging tendering for contracts worth £1.4 million […]


Baroness Gardner raises issue of leasehold tribunal legal costs in Lords …

… and next months seeks to ask whether the government will review the need for ALL leasehold residents to agree to convert tenure to commonhold Baroness Gardner of Parkes, a long-standing leasehold campaigner, asked the government this week what assessment had been made of the impact on leaseholders of changes to the the First Tier Tribunal. […]


The lost £1 million inheritance at Kensington Hall Gardens

What would you advise this woman, who called from Newcastle this morning about a flat at Kensington Hall Gardens, in West Kensington in London. She has been appointed power of attorney to her aunt, who is now in full-time care in a psychiatric hospital. The aunt owned a four-bedroom flat in West Kensington at Kensington […]


The Independent covers leasehold scandals

Last Saturday, The Independent wrote a wide-ranging report on leasehold issues and the need for reforms. Headed ‘The secret of how to give your flat a new lease of life … ‘  it was, in fact, a round-up of: the Cirrus scandal, the OFT investigation into leasehold (the scope of which concludes on January 17), […]


Today’s BBC Five Live interview with Eric Pickles and Leasehold Knowledge Partnership …

By Sebastian O’Kelly Well, unfortunately Eric Pickles, the Communities Secretary, had problems with his phone link, so fewer leasehold points were addressed than was hoped. Nonetheless, it was an excellent piece of live radio that covered a number of important points in local authority leasehold. First, the programme reported the case of Florence Bourne, 93, […]

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