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Simon Goodkind AIRPM
Premier Block Management,
390 Centennial Park Centennial Avenue,
Herts WD6 3TJ T.

T 0845 51 91 333
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Everyone at Premier Block Management (PBM) is extremely pleased we have achieved accreditation from The Leasehold Knowledge Partnership (LKP).

LKP are going some way to redress the sometimes uneven balance between Landlords (Freeholders) and Tenants (Leaseholders) and rightly champion the legitimate rights of Leaseholders and best practice guidelines.

What LKP expect from a managing agent is exactly what PBM aims to deliver.

PBM’s business model is primarily aimed at communicating with our customers, unequivocal financial transparency (Leaseholders can visit the office to inspect the books with 24hr notice in most circumstances) and first class customer service. Essentially, we provide a service we would be happy to receive ourselves and are prepared to stand by that promise.

PBM are also soon to launch the Tenant Portal service which will allow Leaseholders web access to site reports and photos, budget vs. actual variance reports and access to you account details. All of these services will be phased in during the first 12 months but access to your account will be available from commencement of the service. We also send quarterly e-newsletters with updates about the site and other useful information.

We feel our vision for PBM runs parallel to that of LKP in that Managing Agents should be transparent in their operations and act in the best interests of the Leaseholders, administering their duty of care diligently with due care and attention given to the relevant legislation and current best practice guidelines.


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