Packed Westminster meeting for leasehold reform


Seventy key figures in the leasehold sector – including some battle-scarred leaseholders – attended a packed Westminster briefing yesterday to hear how leasehold could be reformed. The meeting was hosted by MPs Sir Peter Bottomley and Jim Fitzpatrick, and chaired by Martin Boyd, of LKP / Carlex. It included presentations from Phillip Rainey, QC, of […]

LKP holds Westminster meeting on commonhold

Discussing alternatives to leasehold: Martin Boyd (left) of LKP holds Westminster discussion with hosts Jim Fitzpatrick (Labour MP, Limehouse and Poplar) and Sir Peter Bottomley (Conservative MP, Worthing West)

“Millions have an interest in leasehold living. Most would gain when commonhold or strata title becomes the norm.  “This meeting is an important step forward. “In the near future, abuse and misuse and the shortcomings of leasehold can be tackled. “For the future, there should be a timetable to end new residential leaseholds and to […]

Time to have another look at commonhold, say Lords. But what are Lord Best’s proposals?

Lord Best: 'Modest reforms would help leaseholders'. But what are they?

The House of Lords put pressure on the government this week to revisit the issue of residential commonhold tenure as an alternative to leasehold. The initiative came from Baroness Gardner of Parkes, who repeatedly raises leasehold issues in the Lords. There was a commitment to review the 2002 Commonhold and Leasehold Reform Act 10 years […]

‘Five million leaseholders is a lot of votes’, the Lords are told

Baroness Maddock wants more right to manage and more commonhold

The House of Lords had another short debate on leasehold issues last Thursday and urged the case for reform to benefit five million leaseholders. The debate was initiated by by LibDem peer Baroness Maddock, who said “further reform is still needed and is very much a live concern for the millions of people living in […]

MPs call for all-party group on leasehold, and to stop right to manage being thwarted


The Westminster meeting on Tuesday March 11 on right to manage organized by Leasehold Knowledge Partnership / Carlex saw an all-party group on leasehold becoming more likely. The move would certainly be backed by Sir Peter Bottomley, Conservative Swindon MPs Justin Tomlinson and Robert Buckland, as well as Jim Fitzpatrick, Labour MP for Poplar and […]

Baroness Gardner raises issue of leasehold tribunal legal costs in Lords …


… and next months seeks to ask whether the government will review the need for ALL leasehold residents to agree to convert tenure to commonhold Baroness Gardner of Parkes, a long-standing leasehold campaigner, asked the government this week what assessment had been made of the impact on leaseholders of changes to the the First Tier Tribunal. […]

Lords amendment sneaks regulation of leasehold managing agents into the Enterprise and Regulatory Reform Bill


A sneaky Lords amendment by Baroness Gardner (left) has seen the licensing of leasehold managing agents added to legislation to license the widely-abused letting agency business. And Sir Peter Bottomley is urging the Government – in the form of officials at the Department of Communities and Local Government – from blocking the measure at the […]

Baroness Gardner urges government to back commonhold


Last Monday in the House of Lords, Baroness Gardner of Parkes (left) urged the government to back residential commonhold as a substitute for leasehold. Specifically she asked whether commonhold could be included in the £10 billion government debt guarantee to stimulate infrastructure investment. But Lord Newby, a Liberal Democrat peer in the Treasury, replied that: […]

‘Drive your MPs mad to change leasehold,’ Gardner tells FPRA

Chris Paterson, of think tank CentreForum

Full speeches have been added to the end of this article Around 250 leaseholders met in London tonight to hear Baroness Gardner of Parkes say that reform of the troubled sector is very much on the political agenda. “But to see this through you must keep on campaigning: make a real nuisance of yourselves,” she […]

We won’t protect leaseholders’ funds even after Van Houten’s theft because … that was the last government’s idea

The House of Lords was told today that key clauses in the legislation that would help protect leaseholders’ funds that are controlled by managing agents won’t come into force because this was the Labour government’s policy. This was the explanation from Baroness Hanham, Under-Secretary of State, Department for Communities and Local Government, why the key […]

Baroness Gardner calls for leaseholders’ money held by managing agents to be protected

Baroness Gardner wants leaseholders' money to be protected

Following the conviction of fraudster Simon van Houten, 31, the Rendall and Rittner managing agent who will be jailed for stealing £122,000 next Thursday, Baroness Gardner of Parkes is calling for leaseholder funds to be protected. On Monday in the House of Lords, she is to ask the Government to introduce a transparent scheme, similar […]

Meeting with Bruton Street Management

A full and frank discussion this morning with Andrew Kafkaris, of Bruton Street Management, who provided evidence for Baroness Gardner at last week’s House of Lords debate. Understandably Richard, who used to be the RA chairman at Millbank Court, in Pimlico – which he now manages – has strong views about leaseholders being aware of […]

Baroness Hanham and Rupert Murdoch: spot the difference

One is parroting the non-policy of Grant Shapps, and the other has never met him or, if he has, asked no favours   By ‘Barrack-room Lawyer’ (As ARHM president Baroness Greengross defined OAP complainers in retirement flats with too much time on their hands) In last Monday’s House of Lords debate, initiated by Baroness Gardner […]

CentreForum think tank ponders leasehold

CentreForum invites LKP to contribute to its leasehold report   In three weeks time another important report into leasehold is to be published, this time by the liberal think tank CentreForum. Earlier this month LKP was invited to its Queen Anne’s Gate to offer its contributions to report, which – we are assured – were […]

Lords debate leasehold reform

Both the Tchenguiz family and Peverel were named in a House of Lords debate yesterday on leasehold service charges. They were singled out by Baroness Gardner of Parkes (Conservative) – the only freeholders and managing agents named in the debate – when referring to landmark LVT settlements, including the £1 million pay-back to residents at […]