Mechanised plagiarism and psycho-babble manuals are Grant Shapps’ little earner outside politics

The story of Grant's rise to greatness in Enfield, written by himself - presumably

Michael Heseltine it isn’t … but ex-Housing Minister and Tory chairman Grant Shapps has a flourishing little publishing business to fall back upon in the event that his political career comes to a grinding halt. Run out of squalid little offices in Enfield, north London, the Shapps family offer codswollop Freudian analysis of dreams and […]

Grant Shapps cuts Wikipedia references to property tycoons’ donations to his private office

The Observer revealed yesterday that the former Housing Minister and new Tory party chairman Grant Shapps deleted Wikipedia references to donations from property interests to his private office. He did so secretly, breaking the online encyclopedia’s code of practice which urges that those changing information in personal entries first identify themselves. The original entry, the […]

Dispatches reveals the cheating that lies at the heart of leasehold

The long awaited Dispatches documentary last night, Property Nightmare: The Truth About Leasehold, was an excellent and welcome overview on the issues facing leaseholders. The best part of it was the report on the plight of those leaseholders who have bought ex-local authority properties but where the block is still run by the council. Profligate, […]

Oh, and why does Shapps want to regulate park homes and not leasehold, even though the issues are so similar?

Grant Shapps feels protective towards park home residents, but not leaseholders

Housing Minister Grant Shapps is alone in resisting leasehold regulation saying it will add to costs and landlords don’t want it … even though the British Property Federation, which represents the country’s largest landlords, has assured LKP that it favours the move. But why – for the sake of consistency – does this minister feel […]

Grant Shapps and Siobhan McGrath face TV cameras today

An exchange of letters between Grant Shapps and Kenneth Clark are the clearest insight to date of the Housing Minister's thoughts on leasehold reform

Today both Housing Minister Grant Shapps and Siobhan McGrath, the senior barrister who presides over the Leasehold Valuation Tribunal system, face the cameras as part of the Channel Four Dispatches documentary into leasehold. The programme will be shown on August  20. A second Dispatches programme on retirement leasehold is also nearing completition, although it has […]

Shapps: ‘I have not ruled out making changes to leasehold’

Housing minister Grant Shapps has ruled out statutory regulation of the leasehold sector, but may well introduce measures to improve Leasehold Valuation Tribunals. Furthermore, an announcement on the fraught issue of “exit fees” in the leasehold retirement sector, which are payable when a flat is sold, can be expected soon. These have been the subject […]

Baroness Hanham and Rupert Murdoch: spot the difference

One is parroting the non-policy of Grant Shapps, and the other has never met him or, if he has, asked no favours   By ‘Barrack-room Lawyer’ (As ARHM president Baroness Greengross defined OAP complainers in retirement flats with too much time on their hands) In last Monday’s House of Lords debate, initiated by Baroness Gardner […]

Lonely Shapps: the only one who doesn’t think there is a need for leasehold regulation

Grant Shapps, Housing Minister, does not think the leasehold racket needs cleaning up, in spite of unanimous agreement in the industry – let alone the 1.8 million leaseholders themselves   The body representing the most powerful interests in British property fully supports greater regulation of the leasehold sector – leaving Housing Minister Grant Shapps isolated […]

Government receives a full and frank message from LKP

Prompted by an invitation by Housing Minister Grant Shapps, three representatives of Leasehold Knowledge Partnership had a positive meeting with the Department of Communities and Local Government today. The department was eager to learn more about LKP and its fast-growing accreditation scheme. The meeting dwelt at length on the origins of LKP and why such […]

London Assembly’s report ‘Highly Charged’

London Assembly damns property management racket A London Assembly report into leasehold service charges published today is a devastating attack on the stealth charges that are rife in leasehold and it urges the property industry to clean up its act. Referring to “opaque” service charges regimes at numerous London developments, the report can also be […]