HML group with 33,500 units under management joins LKP

The Leasehold Knowledge Partnership is delighted to welcome managing agents HML Holdings plc, which has today joined the accreditation service. The AIM-listed company, which comprises HML Anderton, HML Hathaway, HML Hawksworth and HML Shaw, has 33,500 units under management, predominantly in London and the South East. The largest element of the group, HML Anderton, joined […]

Managing agents owned by landlords must come clean … says leading managing agent


A managing agent owned by the freeholder should be made to disclose this relationship clearly to the leaseholders, one of the country’s leading managing agents has announced. “They should be obliged to disclose if they have, or any party to whom they are financially connected has, any beneficial interest in the freehold title,” says Rob […]

CentreForum think tank ponders leasehold

CentreForum invites LKP to contribute to its leasehold report   In three weeks time another important report into leasehold is to be published, this time by the liberal think tank CentreForum. Earlier this month LKP was invited to its Queen Anne’s Gate to offer its contributions to report, which – we are assured – were […]

What part of ‘Go away!’ don’t you understand, Vincent?

Charter Quay, in Kingston, Surrey, has scored three crushing victories over Vincent Tchenguiz (and Peverel). The LVT ruling on November 22 last year may have been the most damning ever made at an LVT. January 26 2012: A large raspberry is likely to be blown in the face of Vincent Tchenguiz on February 4 when […]