ARHM’s pathetic response to the Peverel / Cirrus scandal


… while “under review”, Cirrus sponsors the ARHM summer conference and is doled out generous contracts   In the club: Richard Wheeldon, ARHM vice chair, part of the Cirrus review team and an executive of Housing and Care 21 housing association. It handed out a bumper contract to Cirrus in February, two months after the OFT […]

Why does Peverel own these flats?


Alex Ellison deserves to be congratulated for feeling something was amiss when Peverel began offering the prospect of selling the house manager’s flat at Mere Court. She did well to uncover the fact that the flat did, in fact, belong to Peverel, and not the freeholder, Tchenguiz. This was contrary to what the regional and area managers […]

Biggest right to manage victory ever at Century Wharf, Cardiff

Century Wharf, Cardiff, is a Tchenguiz site of 967 flats that was managed by Peverel. It is the biggest site in the country to have won RTM

The Right To Manage Federation writes … The Right to Manage Federation has achieved its biggest ever RTM at a Peverel managed development of 967 luxury apartments known as Century Wharf, Cardiff. This eclipses England’s biggest RTM, the prestigious Metro Central Heights block of 422 flats at the Elephant & Castle completed by the RTMF […]

Palgrave Gardens gives Peverel its marching orders

Palgrave Gardens, near Regents Park, in central London gave Peverel a one-year contract last year after obtaining right to manage. Now it has given the troubled property manager the boot

Another prime London site says goodbye to Peverel, a year after winning right to manage and allowing the property manager to show what it could achieve. That is: showing what it could achieve working for consumers, as opposed to getting business straight from the developers, or working for its former owner and giant freeholder Vincent […]

Sub-letting fees should not be more than £40, landlords are told (four times by the Land Tribunal)

This binding ruling by the Upper Chamber (Lands Tribunal) of January 2012 should be quoted in all correspondence where freeholders or their agents are demanding sub-letting fees of more than £40 plus VAT which are not specified in the lease Click here In monetary terms sub-letting fees are one of the more trifling little earners […]

Peverel loses 2,376 prime London units

Peverel has taken a hammering in central London this year and lost the management of a number of key sites. And its former owner, the Tchenguiz Family Trust is going along with the decision to replace the giant management company. The Berkeley Group – often at the behest of residents – has been pressing the […]

AgeUK removes its logos from the Peverel Retirement website


AgeUK today removed its logos from the Peverel Retirement website, after their presence was drawn to its attention by Carlex. No explanation has been given why the logos – for AgeUK, Age Cymru and Age Scotland – were placed on the Peverel Retirement website. The AgeUK logos sat on a page titled “Affiliates and Accreditations” […]

The Oldie reports Peverel / Cirrus price-fixing scandal


The alleged Peverel / Cirrus price–fixing scandal has been reported at length in this month’s issue of The Oldie. (Click on image) It repeats Sir Peter Bottomley’s view that Peverel has undertaken “unlawful and probably criminal actions” and he dismisses the Office of Fair Trading’s fiction that Peverel turned itself in. Carlex can demonstrate that […]

Hand over £100,000 house manager’s flat at retirement leasehold site and we will give you £10,000, say Peverel / Tchenguiz

Residents offered £10,000 to agree house manager's flat sale were wrongly told it belonged to freeholder, not Peverel

Residents at Mere Court in Cheshire have been offered a £10,000 donation to their contingency fund – provided they surrender their interest in the house manager’s flat. A meeting was held by Peverel at the 39-flat site last Friday (July 19) and the residents are now to be balloted on whether they wish to dispense […]

Bottomley: ‘possible criminal behaviour involving Peverel’ over tendering scams


Articles in The Times in 2009 also show Carlex had publicly raised the issue of Cirrus’s tendering scams before Peverel turned itself in Sir Peter Bottomley has waded into the Peverel price-fixing scandal by publicly doubting whether the company had “confessed” to the Office of Fair Trading before being alerted by the three Carlex whistleblowers. […]

Winter of misery ends for couple in leasehold flat, thanks to LKP

Ade Bankole and his wife Otitokan Oluwo

A couple who endured squirrels rampaging in the roof and rainwater running down the walls of their leasehold flat have at last had their complaints vindicated, thanks to the intervention of Leasehold Knowledge Partnership. Ade Bankole, 38, and his wife Otitokan Oluwo, 35, had been complaining to Peverel since October last year without success. Rivulets […]

Been ripped off over leasehold insurance? Take your complaint to the secret ombudsman, says Peverel


UPDATE April 18 16.08: Peverel statement at end of article A retirement leasehold resident disputing Kingsborough insurance commissions with Peverel has been told that she must take her dispute to an ombudsman, whose rulings are not published. Joan Wade, who has lived at Grasmere Court in Worthing since 2003, was appalled to receive a letter […]

Dead squirrels in the roof and rivulets of water down the walls … couple feel let down by Peverel


UPDATE APRIL 8:  From Mr Bankole: Dear Mr. O’Kelly, Still with huge gratitude for the efforts you have expended into seeing OM Property Management Company/Peverel attend to their responsibilities in effecting the repairs of our roof and other issues associated with it. The surveyor and a contractor came along with a staff of OM Property […]

Will a new spin doctor on £90,000 with ‘personal integrity’ work wonders for Peverel?


Can this be our old friends at Peverel tarting up their image in leasehold management by recruiting a ‘Head of Communications” for £90,000 a year? It sounds like it from the description … “to restore the reputation of this multi-brand, market leading service provider with its customers, staff and the media”. The job is based […]

Devastating exposé of McCarthy & Stone on TV

Tonight’s Dispatches programme on retirement leasehold was a brilliant example of television journalism that was extremely damaging to both McCarthy and Stone, and to Peverel. It is excellent that Peverel’s disgraceful treatment of the pensioners at Strand Court, Rye, has been given a wider airing. Read original story here or search Strand Court on this […]

What is LKP?


The Leasehold Knowledge Partnership exists to protect ordinary leaseholders from being fleeced by landlords and their agents. They exploit the many opportunities offered by this flawed form of property tenure. The LKP seeks to identify and accredit property managing agents who sign up to open accounting and straight dealing. They charge a clear fee for property […]

Head of Peverel Retirement quits

Keith Edgar, head of Peverel Retirement, is leaving the controversial company, which has been criticised by Leasehold Valuation Tribunals for inter-company contracts and hidden commissions. In April it was named in a debate in the House of Lords. Edgar’s resignation is the first indication that chief executive Janet Entwistle, who arrived in March, will clear […]

Wartime squadron leader, aged 94, chalks up £11,500 victory over Peverel

Eric Mathews, still dealing with irritants aged 94

During the Second World War, when Eric Matthews, 94, was an RAF squadron leader, he was used to chalking up downed enemy aircraft. Now he is celebrating another victory over a lesser adversary: Peverel, which has had to pay back £11,475.34p. The money is being re-paid after a series of inter-company deals by the property […]

Janet Entwistle: ‘Problems with Peverel’s reputation, but we are in it for the long term’

Janet Entwistle has published a digest of the questions and answers either emailed to her or asked at her public meetings with Peverel’s leaseholders on June 12. The comments are a frank admission that the company has “problems of reputation” and address fraught issues such as insurance commissions, sub-letting fees and service charges – subjects […]

Janet Entwistle: ‘There are problems with Peverel’s reputation, but new owners are in it for the long term’

Janet Entwistle has published a digest of the questions and answers either emailed to her or asked at her public meetings with Peverel’s leaseholders on June 12. The comments are a frank admission that the company has “problems of reputation” and address fraught issues such as insurance commissions, sub-letting fees and service charges – subjects […]

Charter Quay: LVT’s devastating criticism of Tchenguiz/Peverel management

The LVT ruling in November 2011 is perhaps the most damning one ever made at an LVT.

Most critical LVT ruling ever made? This piece is a report of the staggering Leasehold Valuation Tribunal victory at Charter Quay in November 2011. It is the most devastating criticism of the Tchenguiz/ Peverel modus operandi to be aired and judged in open court. The full LVT ruling can be read here: CHARTER QUAY LVT […]

Baroness Hanham and Rupert Murdoch: spot the difference

One is parroting the non-policy of Grant Shapps, and the other has never met him or, if he has, asked no favours   By ‘Barrack-room Lawyer’ (As ARHM president Baroness Greengross defined OAP complainers in retirement flats with too much time on their hands) In last Monday’s House of Lords debate, initiated by Baroness Gardner […]

CentreForum think tank ponders leasehold

CentreForum invites LKP to contribute to its leasehold report   In three weeks time another important report into leasehold is to be published, this time by the liberal think tank CentreForum. Earlier this month LKP was invited to its Queen Anne’s Gate to offer its contributions to report, which – we are assured – were […]