Leaseholders’ money ‘safe’ from £1.3 million fraudster at Hurford Salvi Carr


A rogue financial controller at property company Hurford Salvi Carr who plundered client accounts of £1.3 million did not make off with leaseholder funds. Stephen Hurford told LKP that the block management accounts were not touched by Karen Chin, 45, who was based at HSC’s London HQ in Clerkenwell. “Leaseholders’ money was not touch at […]

Having fraudster Simon van Houten manage our flats cost us £100,000

Sunlight Square in Bethnal Green, east London, suffered from the management of Simon van Houten

Fraudster managing agent Simon van Houten, 31, (left) told residents  he had dismissed their caretaker … only for them to discover that the man was still on the payroll two years later. The £32,000 in wages had been secretly paid out of their service charges. This shambles was only one incident at Sunlight Square, which for five […]

Rendall and Rittner ‘confident’ to prevent another Simon Van Houten fraudster


Managing agents Rendall and Rittner has “initiated a series of internal and external reviews of our systems and procedures” following the jailing last month of its employee Simon Van Houten, 31, for stealing £122,000 of leaseholder’s funds. Richard Daver, the managing director of the company, is quoted in today’s Property Week, as saying the company […]

Fraudster managing agent gets 30 months jail for using East Londoners’ cash to fund high life in Chelsea


Simon van Houten, 31, was given a 30-month prison sentence at the Old Bailey this afternoon after pleading guilty to stealing £122,000 from leasehold service charge accounts held by London managing agent Rendall and Rittner. Van Houten carried out the fraud for two years between 2008 and 2010 by issuing invoices for a bogus maintenance […]

We won’t protect leaseholders’ funds even after Van Houten’s theft because … that was the last government’s idea

The House of Lords was told today that key clauses in the legislation that would help protect leaseholders’ funds that are controlled by managing agents won’t come into force because this was the Labour government’s policy. This was the explanation from Baroness Hanham, Under-Secretary of State, Department for Communities and Local Government, why the key […]

Baroness Gardner calls for leaseholders’ money held by managing agents to be protected

Baroness Gardner wants leaseholders' money to be protected

Following the conviction of fraudster Simon van Houten, 31, the Rendall and Rittner managing agent who will be jailed for stealing £122,000 next Thursday, Baroness Gardner of Parkes is calling for leaseholder funds to be protected. On Monday in the House of Lords, she is to ask the Government to introduce a transparent scheme, similar […]

Rogue managing agent, who stole £122,000, claimed to be MIRPM qualified … and helped colleagues pass the exams

Simon van Houten, who was paid £42,000 salary, used East London leasehold accounts to pay for a "life beyond his means" in Chelsea

Simon van Houten, 31, the Rendall and Rittner executive who stole £122,000 from leaseholders’ accounts, passed himself off as a Member of the Institute for Residential Property Management and helped other employees at the firm prepare for the examinations. As a result of the case, IRPM is considering a rule change to make public the […]

Executive guilty of plundering £122,000 from managing agents Rendall and Rittner

An executive with managing agents Rendall and Rittner pleaded guilty on Monday to stealing £122,000 from his employers’ accounts. Simon van Houten, 31, from Southend in Essex, used bogus company invoices to scam the company, which manages some of the most prestigious residential buildings in London. Van Houten, a parish councillor at Paglesham, carried out […]