The 15 commonholds

The new dawn that didn’t happen

Here is the full list of commonhold developments in England and Wales.

The Commonhold and Leasehold Reform Act 2002 was supposed to see a new dawn of commonhold building and the end of new leasehold creation.

But the boom did for that as investors piled into inner city flats and did not care less about the tenure of the properties, or think about how freeholders and managing agents could leg them over big time in the future.

Property was soaring in value and nothing beats bricks and mortar for investment, does it?

Of course, many investors have long since gone bust as city centre flats outside London have plummeted in value – down by 50 per cent in places such as Leeds and Manchester.

In the North West, 75 per cent of flats are owned by investors – or banks. Or, in the case of thousands of repossessed Irish property punters, the Irish National Asset Management Agency. Great swathes of our cities are owned by this organisation.

Any information about the following residential commonhold properties gratefully received:

1/ 70 Northern Grove, Didsbury. Built 2005. Three units.

2/ 23-27 Victoria Road, Darlington. 2005. Nine units.

Rookery Corner, Damory Street, Blandford Forum. 2005. 14 units.

4/ Pithers Court, North Street Crewkerne. 2005.  22 units.

Grove Court Mews, Pembroke. 2005. 24 units.

6/ Lazy Days Caravan Park, Minster on Sea. Non-residential (meaning cannot be permanent homes). 2005. 30 units.

7/ 11 St Peter’s Road, Sheringham. 2005. Three units.

12 Westbourne Park Road, Bournemouth. 2006. Four units.

9/ 34 Church Road, Leyland. 2006. Six units.

10/ Middlewood Road, Poynton. 2007. Four units.

11/ 205 Sandgate Road, Folkestone. 2007. Ten units.

78 High Street, Swinderby. 2007. Three units.

13/ Spire View, Pickering. 2008. 15 units.

69 Hamilton Terrace, London NW8. 2008. Four units.

228 Mina Road, Bristol. 2009. Six units.


  1. David says

    Just to update.

    I am currently in the process of buying one of the properties at Spireview. The property itself hasn’t been marketed since the original developer went out of business and for a long time only one of the properties was occupied. They have just started to market it and the current situation is 3 owner occupiers with 2 more sold in the last couple of weeks me being one.

    Still a long way to go before full occupancy and the commonhold takes effect which will be interesting !

    • Phil says

      I understand that the individual properties are Freehold and the common areas Commonhold. Any idea how the commonhold rights might impact on owners wishing to use the units as holiday lets?

      As a prospective buyer and occupier I would be put off if units were to be used in this way.

      • AM says

        No not quite they are commonhold in freehold estate- a third type of tenure,

        Letting restrictions will apply if and as the commonhold agreements set out and can vary site to site.. If there is a dispute do bear in mond that the exisitng case law unreasonably witholding consent etc will not apply and there is no ombudsman to go to.- just the court.

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