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Too expensive to give figures on leasehold forfeiture, says Ministry of Justice


Emma Reynolds, Labour’s shadow housing minister, has discovered that no one knows how many cases of leasehold forfeiture take place – and it would be too expensive to find out. The astonishing admission came from the Ministry of Justice in one of the last parliamentary questions of the session.

Leasehold mediation from commercial operators backed by government


Both Eric Pickles and Housing Minister Brandon Lewis gave a final “vote for us” message to leaseholders earlier this week with a resume of their achievements. In truth, they add up to very little and the only real reason not to vote against the government is because of almost no sign of life on leasehold […]

LKP and LEASE thank DCLG civil servant for helping leaseholders


The Leasehold Knowledge Partnership and LEASE jointly held a party last night to thank Paula Hassall, a DCLG civil servant, for her contribution to helping leaseholders. Paula was appointed to the leasehold section 13 months ago and helped bring about significant improvements to the leasehold sector. Sadly, she leaves at the end of this week to […]

Government to ‘take forward’ CMA leasehold report, but rejects making right to manage easier


Recommendations by the Competition and Markets Authority to make right to manage applications less problematic appear to have been rejected by the government. The rebuff came the same day of the Budget speech (March 18) that said the government “will take forward CMA recommendations, and other actions agreed with the CMA, to improve the market […]

Freeholders must not get away with ‘abusing’ leaseholders, says Bottomley in Budget debate


Sir Peter Bottomley intervened in the Budget debate yesterday calling for adequate resources to protect leaseholders from predatory freeholders and the managing agents that they employ. He also repeated his call for Parliament to bring in “commonhold properly” and stop perpetuating the flawed leasehold system. Sir Peter said: “I say to the Government that there […]

Stop keep asking who our members are, ARMA tells pensioner


Michael Hollands, an indefatigable letter-writer on retirement leasehold issues, has been told to stop writing to ARMA for to find out who are the current members of the trade body. The ARMA membership has been in a state of confusion since the January 1, the supposed deadline for application through the more rigorous ARMA-Q membership […]

Peverel / FirstPort pays back £39,377 wrongly taken from Hillside Court, but the pensioners say another £3,498 is missing


Just over a week after being contacted by Carlex, Peverel / FirstPort has had to pay back £39,377 to Hillside Court, in Ormskirk. The money was wrongly paid to the freeholder over the past 15 years after flats were sold, rather than transferred to the retirement site’s contingency fund. Residents spotted the extraordinary error in […]

ARMA-Q doesn’t mean property managers are more honest, says leasehold activist


Shula Rich (left), a long standing leasehold activist, writes to LKP to argue that ARMA membership is not an indicator of higher quality management. “If managing agents aren’t ARMA Q compliant that does not mean they’re not as good as those who’ve passed,” says Ms Rich, who runs the Brighton and Hove District Leaseholders Association.

Peverel / FirstPort paid ‘£40,000′ of residents’ contingency fund money to Mr Tchenguiz ‘by mistake’


In an extraordinary admission, Peverel / FirstPort says it has paid over thousands of pounds of contingency funds at Hillside Court, Ormskirk, to the landlord “by mistake”. Residents estimate that up to £40,000 is at issue, involving the one per cent contingency fund fess payable on sale of the properties.

20% of ARMA members ‘walk out over new ethical scheme’


… and if ARMA’s Twitter feed is to be believed, two-thirds of the membership has dropped out   At least of a fifth of the membership of ARMA has ditched the trade association that on January 1 brought in more rigorous membership criteria. This is the figure reported by ARMA insiders, although many think the […]

Tchenguiz’s compo claim ‘liberally interspersed with assertions of fraud, falsity, dishonesty …’, says judge


(Sounds like an email to Carlex / LKP from an aggrieved leaseholder …) Vincent Tchenguiz’s £2.2 billion legal action against accountants Grant Thornton has suffered a set-back as his documentation was described by a judge as “too long and failed to make clear the facts of the case”. Tchenguiz wants compo from Grant Thornton which […]

No.1 Deansgate wins epic RTM battle, as freeholder throws in the towel at the Court of Appeal


The freeholder of Manchester’s prime No.1 Deansgate blinked first and dropped a Court of Appeal action to block a right to manage application. Residents at No.1 Deansgate, who include footballers Ryan Giggs and Phil Neville, Corrie star Helen Worth and Take That singer Jason Orange – have already spent £30,000 on the RTM marathon.

Trust Property Management fails to find a buyer


Trust Property Management, whose CEO Benjamin Mire is facing disciplinary proceedings from his professional body RICS, is no longer up for sale. It was put on the market on September 10 last year through Bluebox Corporate Finance, but earlier this month this process came to an end.

Watch out! There’s a lease running out


Pensioner Michael Hollands was appalled to discover the expense and difficulty involved in extending a lease in a retirement site There is one culprit in this unsatisfactory leasehold system that can end up being a big cost to leaseholders, particularly those who reside in retirement complexes: an even bigger cost than inflated management charges or […]

Re-energised LEASE holds annual conference


A re-energised and confident Leasehold Advisory Service held its LEASE annual conference 2015 in central London last Wednesday. It was a gathering of some of the brightest – perhaps most socially engaged – of the players in the professional leasehold world: lawyers, surveyors, property tribunal judges, property managers. For the third time – and it […]