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Quango-crat Deep Sagar told: sack ‘disgraced and disgraceful’ Benjamin Mire or sack yourself!

Deep Sagar: 'Stop promoting Mire or resign', says Sir Peter Bottomley

Sir Peter Bottomley has told the chairman of the Leasehold Advisory Service Deep Sagar to stop advertising the services of  Benjamin Mire – or resign. And the LEASE executive can go with him, the veteran MP adds. Mire, the chief executive of Trust Property Management based in Colindale, north London, is a chartered surveyor who […]

‘Five million leaseholders is a lot of votes’, the Lords are told

Baroness Maddock wants more right to manage and more commonhold

The House of Lords had another short debate on leasehold issues last Thursday and urged the case for reform to benefit five million leaseholders. The debate was initiated by by LibDem peer Baroness Maddock, who said “further reform is still needed and is very much a live concern for the millions of people living in […]

Sebastian O’Kelly wins second press award for leasehold reform


Sebastian O’Kelly, Carlex chairman and director of the Leasehold Knowledge Partnership, last night won a press award for his coverage of leasehold for the second year running. O’Kelly won the “Scoop of the Year” category for his report into the scandalous forfeiture of the £800,000 flat belonging to Dennis Jackson, at Plantation Wharf in Battersea. […]

MPs call for all-party group on leasehold, and to stop right to manage being thwarted


The Westminster meeting on Tuesday March 11 on right to manage organized by Leasehold Knowledge Partnership / Carlex saw an all-party group on leasehold becoming more likely. The move would certainly be backed by Sir Peter Bottomley, Conservative Swindon MPs Justin Tomlinson and Robert Buckland, as well as Jim Fitzpatrick, Labour MP for Poplar and […]

LEASE chairman Deep Sagar to rule on Benjamin Mire advertising in its professional directory

Deep Sagar: get rid of Mire or resign

Deep Sagar (right), the chairman of the Leasehold Advisory Service, is to decide whether Benjamin Mire be permitted to continue to advertise in quango’s professional directory. It costs Mire, the CEO of Trust Property Management in north London, £519 plus VAT to do so. Last summer, the chartered surveyor resigned his judicial appointment to the […]

Bottomley questions Tchenguiz leasehold interests in the Commons

Vincent Tchenguiz

The Tchenguiz activities in leasehold property were highlighted in the House of Commons yesterday by Sir Peter Bottomley. In a brief aside during debate over the private rented sector, Sir Peter referred to “the Tchenguiz interests featuring in the Office of Fair Trading report on abuses of leaseholders, overvaluations of freeholds and the sale of […]

Peverel-Cirrus tee-hee email: Cheating oldies is ‘not an official part of the process (tee hee)’


Any of the 65 retirement sites on the OFT list should contact Carlex to ensure proper compensation is paid for this cheating The secret contempt with which Peverel and its subsidiary Cirrus treated their elderly, vulnerable customers is revealed by the Office of Fair Trading. It has published emails from Cirrus employees in its full 268-report […]

Carlex whistleblowers were THREATENED with prosecution if they went public over OFT’s toothless £500k investigation into Peverel-Cirrus


The three Carlex whistleblowers of the Peverel-Cirrus scam were threatened with prosecution by the Office of Fair Trading  if they revealed the investigation. The threat was minuted by the OFT on September 27 2012 even though it had already decided to give Peverel leniency and not take any action. In a blatant example of shooting the […]

Devon pensioners humiliate Y and Y Management and Avon Freeholds at tribunal

Residents at Elim Court, in Plymouth, have exposed practices of Y and Y Management at tribunal, winning £3,000

… and Y and Y Management ‘broke the ARHM code’ (except it is actually a member of ARMA) London-based freeholder Israel Moskovitz and his business partner Joseph Gurvits, of Y and Y Management, must rue the day they snapped up at auction the freeholds of retirement sites in Devon. After a two-year legal marathon – […]

Burj Khalifa: Pay the service charges, or we will switch off the lifts

It's along walk to the top at the Burj Khalifa for those withholding service charges

The property managers of the world’s tallest building, the Burj Khalifa in Dubai, have threatened to switch off the lifts if residents won’t pay service charges. Air conditioning, power and possibly water may follow as a long-standing dispute with residents at the 160-story skyscraper escalated this week. Emaar Properties, the Dubai developer that runs the […]

Tchenguiz backs down over demanding £5,000 from couple … for a conservatory built more than 20 years ago!


The Tchenguiz Family Trust has backed down on demanding £5,000 for consent for a conservatory that was attached to a  retirement leasehold bungalow more than 20 years ago. Two days ago, Carlex raised the issue with Estates and Management, which manages the Tchenguiz residential freehold portfolio. The original story can be read below or here, with […]

Tchenguiz Family Trust seeks £5,000 for conservatory ‘built 25 years ago’ … and Peverel will not permit their house manager to confirm when it was built


A couple who own a retirement bungalow with a conservatory face a demand for £5,000 from the Tchenguiz Family Trust freeholder. And the money might not need to be paid at all if the Peverel house manager were permitted to confirm the date when the conservatory was built – but she has been instructed not […]

Number of leasehold homes is DOUBLE the figure the government believes, says the Leasehold Knowledge Partnership


Shocking leasehold report: LKP leasehold market evaluation final. Press Release The residential leasehold sector – mainly flats – is the murky corner of the housing market … and it is far larger than any government body has realised. The Leasehold Knowledge Partnership today publishes a report demonstrating that there are 5.37 million leasehold properties in […]

Lawyers fighting right to manage get their legal fees slashed from £28,117 to JUST £2,883!


(… and, yes, of course the freeholder is registered in a tax haven) Two lawyers fighting a right to manage application at the fashionable Post Box Birmingham site have had their costs slashed 90 per cent by a tribunal. Barrister Justin Bates (top), of Arden Chambers, and Roger Hardwick, of Brethertons, were asking for £28,117.95 […]

Palgrave Gardens gives Peverel its marching orders

Palgrave Gardens, near Regents Park, in central London gave Peverel a one-year contract last year after obtaining right to manage. Now it has given the troubled property manager the boot

Another prime London site says goodbye to Peverel, a year after winning right to manage and allowing the property manager to show what it could achieve. That is: showing what it could achieve working for consumers, as opposed to getting business straight from the developers, or working for its former owner and giant freeholder Vincent […]

Corrie and footie stars may face £100,000 bill in epic battle to win right to manage at No.1 Deansgate


Residents at Manchester’s premier address No.1 Deansgate face an on-going battle to win their right to manage after the freeholder tries to take case to the Court of Appeal. Residents in the 82-flat building – who include footballers Ryan Giggs and Phil Neville, Corrie star Helen Worth and Take That singer Jason Orange – won […]

Help! Our freeholder at Welland Quarter is in administration …

Residents at Welland Quarter in Market Harborough have found that their leasehold rights are seriously diminished by the freeholder being in administration

… which means no recognition of the residents’ association, no RTM or enfranchisement. But this may STILL be an opportunity Leaseholders at Welland Quarter in Market Harborough have discovered how unempowered they are when a freeholder goes into administration. It means that administrators Grant Thornton cannot recognise the residents’ association, and there is a freeze […]

Leasehold owners attack council ‘admin’ charges


Leasehold owners are increasing fighting back against councils loading ‘admin’ costs for routine work. Labour councillors in Tower Hamlets, in east London, have called on the council to scrap a 17 per cent increase. The Leasehold Knowledge Partnership has evidence of 29.95 per cent admin surcharges for leaseholders in Haringay, north London, on simple repairs.

Leasehold activist features in Independent


Karen Peel – a regular on the LKP website and a leasehold activist who regularly helps others achieve right to manage – has featured in the Independent. Her story of how she tracked down more than 130 leasehold owners at the Pinnacle in Wakefield has long been known to readers of the Leasehold Knowledge Partnership […]

LKP reported in Insurance Times over flood figures


  The Leasehold Knowledge Partnership has at last come up with an accurate figure for the number of leaseholders there are in England and Wales, after analysing government statistics. It is far higher than the usually quotes 3 million.

Leasehold owners excluded from government’s flood insurance plan, Flood Re


… which includes retirement sites, council housing and penthouses on the Thames   Joint press release, backed by the Leasehold Knowledge Partnership, of the British Property Federation and the Council of Mortgage Lenders The significant contribution of LKP to this is Martin Boyd’s first accurate statement of the numbers of leasehold properties there are in […]

Cut out the nonsense and pay up for Peverel cheating! Cabinet minister tells Entwistle


‘ … On this issue you seem unwilling to listen, learn or improve’ Energy Secretary Ed Davey has today told Peverel chief executive Janet Entwistle to pay a “much larger compensatory offer” for running a price-fixing cartel. In December Peverel subsidiary Cirrus was found to have been running bid-rigging tendering for contracts worth £1.4 million […]

Leasehold Advisory Service to Bottomley: two more weeks to investigate Benjamin Mire

Leaseholder Colin Dennard, 72, notes changes to the Trust Property Management website in August

The Leasehold Advisory Service has told Sir Peter Bottomley that it will need another two weeks to investigate complaints against controversial chartered surveyor Benjamin Mire. Mire, the chief executive of Trust Property Management based in Colindale, in north London, resigned from his judicial appointment on the property tribunal last summer following an investigation into his […]

Baroness Gardner raises issue of leasehold tribunal legal costs in Lords …


… and next months seeks to ask whether the government will review the need for ALL leasehold residents to agree to convert tenure to commonhold Baroness Gardner of Parkes, a long-standing leasehold campaigner, asked the government this week what assessment had been made of the impact on leaseholders of changes to the the First Tier Tribunal. […]

The Independent covers leasehold scandals


Last Saturday, The Independent wrote a wide-ranging report on leasehold issues and the need for reforms. Headed ‘The secret of how to give your flat a new lease of life … ‘  it was, in fact, a round-up of: the Cirrus scandal, the OFT investigation into leasehold (the scope of which concludes on January 17), […]

Today’s BBC Five Live interview with Eric Pickles and Leasehold Knowledge Partnership …


By Sebastian O’Kelly Well, unfortunately Eric Pickles, the Communities Secretary, had problems with his phone link, so fewer leasehold points were addressed than was hoped. Nonetheless, it was an excellent piece of live radio that covered a number of important points in local authority leasehold. First, the programme reported the case of Florence Bourne, 93, […]

George Osborne’s former nanny faces £100,000 bill and homelessness after refusing to pay major works on her leasehold ex-council flat

Farieda Cgandoo, 60, on the balcony at her council-owned block in south London, where she has been a leaseholder of a three-bedroom, split-level flat since 1997. After her disastrous legal battles with Southwark council, she is almost certainly going to have to sell

The issues in this case – and others concerning local authority leasehold – will be debated tomorrow morning on BBC Five Live with Eric Pickles,  Communities Secretary, and Sebastian O’Kelly, of LKP, at 11.30am, Sunday January 12    A disastrous act of defiance in refusing to pay her share of a council’s major works scheme […]