LKP urges minister to include leaseholders in Flood Re insurance plan


Most flat owners remain excluded from Flood Re, the government’s scheme to ensure that flood-prone properties are covered by some form of insurance. LKP has written to DEFRA Minister Dan Rogerson expressing its strong disappointment. Flood Re is a government-brokered deal with insurers that aims to ensure that those in homes at risk of flooding […]

Three MPs are patrons as LKP / Carlex applies to register as formal charity


Sir Peter Bottomley, the Rt Hon Ed Davey and Jim Fitzpatrick have agreed to be patrons of the Leasehold Knowledge Partnership and Carlex, which are now formally a charity and is in the process of obtaining recognition by the Charity Commission. The involvement of the three MPs – one in the Cabinet and two ex-ministers […]

Competition and Markets Authority relies on skimpy MORI poll of 1,050 for its report on leasehold management


- Only 131 retirement leaseholders quizzed – 17 leaseholders ONLY discussed Property Tribunal – MORI has to correct criticism of LKP leasehold figures (which are accepted by DCLG) – BUT poll does confirm that there is more contentment when leaseholder manage their sites in an RTM or RMC compared with those that are freeholder-controlled Alarm […]

Will insurers leave flooded leaseholders in the soup?


Last week (Monday June 23) LKP met DEFRA Minister Dan Rogerson for a round table meeting with other leasehold groups about the flood insurance proposals in the Water Bill. All are concerned flooded leaseholders will be left out of the government’s Flood Re scheme. The only organisations seemingly unconcerned is the Association of British Insurers. In […]

LKP holds Westminster meeting on commonhold

Discussing alternatives to leasehold: Martin Boyd (left) of LKP holds Westminster discussion with hosts Jim Fitzpatrick (Labour MP, Limehouse and Poplar) and Sir Peter Bottomley (Conservative MP, Worthing West)

“Millions have an interest in leasehold living. Most would gain when commonhold or strata title becomes the norm.  “This meeting is an important step forward. “In the near future, abuse and misuse and the shortcomings of leasehold can be tackled. “For the future, there should be a timetable to end new residential leaseholds and to […]

West India Quay’s victory against £74,560 legal onslaught … for a recognised residents’ association


This is a slider post only. It gives the two accounts of the West India Quay saga. See the two original posts for date of publication Giving recognition to a residents’ association at the most exclusive apartment block in Canary Wharf posed the sort of “risks that you see with the trade unions”, the First-Tier […]

West India Quay defeats £74,560 legal onslaught …


… and wins the right to a recognised residents’ association The residents at West India Quay in London’s Docklands have won their epic battle to have a recognised residents’ association. Represented for free by Martin Boyd, a co-director of the Leasehold Knowledge Partnership, the residents faced a legal onslaught headed by Edwin Johnson, QC. This […]

Legal army to stop West India Quay getting … a recognised residents’ association


Giving recognition to a residents’ association at the most exclusive apartment block in Canary Wharf posed the sort of “risks that you see with the trade unions”, the First-Tier Tribunal was told last Thursday. The remark was made by the freeholder’s professional witness, chartered surveyor Bruce Maunder Taylor – and was greeted with guffaws of […]

MPs call for all-party group on leasehold, and to stop right to manage being thwarted


The Westminster meeting on Tuesday March 11 on right to manage organized by Leasehold Knowledge Partnership / Carlex saw an all-party group on leasehold becoming more likely. The move would certainly be backed by Sir Peter Bottomley, Conservative Swindon MPs Justin Tomlinson and Robert Buckland, as well as Jim Fitzpatrick, Labour MP for Poplar and […]

Commons told of LKP leasehold figures

The work of Martin Boyd, co-director of the Leasehold Knowledge Partnership, to provide accurate leasehold figures was drawn to the attention of the Commons yesterday. Boyd used leasehold figures from the 2011 census and the National House-Building Council to conclude that there are 5.3 million leasehold properties rather than the 2.5 million repeated by government […]

Commons today repeats LKP figures on number of leasehold owners


… and found time to name Peverel and Cirrus – again – and “tricksy freeholders” and grasping leasehold lawyers The Leasehold Knowledge Partnership estimate on the number of leasehold owners was repeated in the Commons today. This is a coup for Martin Boyd (left), LKP stalwart and chairman of the residents at Charter Quay, Kingston, […]

MPs back Leasehold Knowledge Partnership call to reform residents’ associations – drawn up by the man who won back £500,000 off Tchenguiz / Peverel


The Leasehold Knowledge Partnership has proposed changing the government regulations on the creation of residents’ associations, and has received widespread backing for the reform. The key changes that have been presented to Communities Secretary Eric Pickles are: That residents associations can be recognised with 50 per cent of qualifying residents plus one supporting the move, […]

Deep Sagar, chairman of LEASE, threatens LKP over ‘Wibble, Wobble’ article calling for reform

Deep Sagar: get rid of Mire or resign

Deep Sagar, chairman of the Leasehold Advisory Service, has demanded that the Leasehold Knowledge Partnership remove an article from its website and issue an apology, or it “reserves the right to take appropriate further action”. It is an open question what is meant by this threat, which comes in the form of a letter from […]

LEASE 2013: Pitiful contrast between professional and leaseholder sessions

By Martin Boyd The contrast between day event for professionals in leasehold and the evening event for ordinary leaseholders could not have been more stark. Paupers and kings might be a good analogy. While the day event saw the most talented in the leasehold world speak on a range of specialist topics, the evening event […]