Janet Entwistle says no current Peverel staff ‘linked’ to Cirrus scam


Janet Entwistle, the Peverel CEO, assured Carlex earlier this year that no one involved directly – or even “linked” – in the Cirrus price-fixing scam was still employed by the company. Janet Entwistle’s was speaking at a meeting with Carlex / LKP at the Commons on February 10, hosted by Sir Peter Bottomley. She is […]

Shelter ‘dumps’ the Campaign for Housing in Later Life


The charity Shelter appears to have ceased involvement in the ‘Campaign for Housing in Later Life’, which Carlex revealed on April 9 registered its website to the address of the Bournemouth HQ of McCarthy and Stone. The Shelter logo that appeared on the campaign’s website has been removed. Since publication by Carlex, the campaign has […]

LKP wins press awards for two years running


March 17 2014: Sebastian O’Kelly, Carlex chairman and director of the Leasehold Knowledge Partnership, last night won a press award for his campaigning journalism over leasehold for the second year running. O’Kelly won the “Scoop of the Year” category for his report into the scandalous forfeiture of the £800,000 flat belonging to Dennis Jackson, at Plantation […]

Campaign for Housing in Later Life traced to … McCarthy and Stone HQ!


The Campaign for Housing in Later Life has been traced back to the Bournemouth headquarters of McCarthy and Stone. The website, which seems to have been started last autumn, has a registered IP identification that uses the same postal address as the retirement leasehold developer. Other backers whose logos adorn the website include Peverel, Anchor […]

Sebastian O’Kelly wins second press award for leasehold reform


Sebastian O’Kelly, Carlex chairman and director of the Leasehold Knowledge Partnership, last night won a press award for his coverage of leasehold for the second year running. O’Kelly won the “Scoop of the Year” category for his report into the scandalous forfeiture of the £800,000 flat belonging to Dennis Jackson, at Plantation Wharf in Battersea. […]

You and Yours features Carlex and OFT inquiry into leasehold management


The influential BBC  Radio 4 programme You and Yours yesterday featured retirement leasehold. This is an area of “most concern” according to Douglas Cooper, of the Office of Fair Trading, which is carrying out an inquiry into leasehold management. The programme can be heard here and the item begins 46 minutes into the programme.

MPs call for all-party group on leasehold, and to stop right to manage being thwarted


The Westminster meeting on Tuesday March 11 on right to manage organized by Leasehold Knowledge Partnership / Carlex saw an all-party group on leasehold becoming more likely. The move would certainly be backed by Sir Peter Bottomley, Conservative Swindon MPs Justin Tomlinson and Robert Buckland, as well as Jim Fitzpatrick, Labour MP for Poplar and […]

Today’s BBC Five Live interview with Eric Pickles and Leasehold Knowledge Partnership …


By Sebastian O’Kelly Well, unfortunately Eric Pickles, the Communities Secretary, had problems with his phone link, so fewer leasehold points were addressed than was hoped. Nonetheless, it was an excellent piece of live radio that covered a number of important points in local authority leasehold. First, the programme reported the case of Florence Bourne, 93, […]

Video exposes the full horrors of leasehold


Film-maker and leasehold owner Renuka Wickramaratne has made a YouTube video on leasehold abuses. She deserves huge praise for having made the video, which features issues in her own block of four flats in Chelsea which was written about on LKP here It also features interviews with Sebastian O’Kelly, of LKP, and leaseholder Dennis Jackson, […]

Sebastian O’Kelly and Martin Boyd praised in House of Commons: put them on the board of LEASE and clear up the ‘muck’ of leasehold

Sir Peter Bottomley

Sir Peter Bottomley (left) yesterday made his strongest Commons intervention yet on the scandals in leasehold. He named and praised the two keys figures in the Leasehold Knowledge Partnership, named and criticised Tchenguiz and urged a full debate on leasehold under the cover of parliamentary privilege. He attacked the role of LEASE, the Leasehold Advisory […]

Fury at ‘life-shattering’ forfeiture case held in a secret court

Both the Leasehold Knowledge Partnership and Dennis Jackson, a leaseholder at Plantation Wharf in Battersea, have complained to the Ministry of Justice that a forfeiture case was held in a secret court. Jackson, 73, had his lease forfeited on January 30 and had 28 days to ask a court to lift the order before it […]

LKP wins Best Online Editorial at LSL Property Press Awards 2013

Sebastian O'Kelly and Andrew Neal, the veteran newspaper editor and broadcaster who presented LKP with the LSL Property Award for Best Online Editorial 2013

The Leasehold Knowledge Partnership has won the Best Online Editorial at the LSL Property Press Awards 2013 staged in central London last night. The award was presented to Sebastian O’Kelly, of LKP, by veteran broadcaster and journalist Andrew Neil, who edited the Sunday Times for 11 years. In handing over the award Neil said the […]

Bottomley meets Joseph Gurvits and Israel Moskovitz over leasehold right to manage disputes at Plymouth retirement developments – but residents are determined to fight it out

Sir Peter Bottomley MP (right) held a meeting yesterday at his Westminster offices with the freeholder and managing agent who are locked in right to manage disputes with leaseholders at two Plymouth retirement developments. The meeting was an informal exchange of views between freeholder Israel Moskovitz, property manager Joseph Gurvits and Sebastian O’Kelly and Martin […]

Full LKP / Carlex briefing notes on leasehold for MPs

The following document was handed to MPs and Lords who attended the Carlex / LKP leasehold meeting at Westminster yesterday: From ‘legal torture’ to £1 million repayments to leaseholders A briefing by the Leasehold Knowledge Partnership and the Campaign Against Retirement Leasehold Exploitation- LKP/CARLEX. The meeting has been kindly hosted by Sir Peter Bottomley MP, […]

Rendall and Rittner ‘confident’ to prevent another Simon Van Houten fraudster


Managing agents Rendall and Rittner has “initiated a series of internal and external reviews of our systems and procedures” following the jailing last month of its employee Simon Van Houten, 31, for stealing £122,000 of leaseholder’s funds. Richard Daver, the managing director of the company, is quoted in today’s Property Week, as saying the company […]

‘Some of the worst spivs in property are in leasehold,’ LKP tells The Times


Ahead of tonight’s Channel Four Dispatches documentary on leasehold, ‘Property Nightmare: The Truth About Leasehold’ (C4 8pm), The Times today quotes Sebastian O’Kelly, of the Leasehold Knowledge Partnership, saying that there is “industry-wide fiddling” in the sector. “Leasehold gives some of the worst spivs in property the opportunity to make money by making the lives […]

What is LKP?


The Leasehold Knowledge Partnership exists to protect ordinary leaseholders from being fleeced by landlords and their agents. They exploit the many opportunities offered by this flawed form of property tenure. The LKP seeks to identify and accredit property managing agents who sign up to open accounting and straight dealing. They charge a clear fee for property […]

Free leaseholders’ conference in Worthing on July 25

John Fenwick, who won the £137,000 LVT action at Oakland Court in Worthing, is to address a free conference for leaseholders in the town on July 25. He is to be joined by Sebastian O’Kelly, director of the Leasehold Knowledge Partnership, who is also chairman of the Campaign Against Retirement Leasehold Exploitation (Carlex). Fenwick, 65, […]

New chairman for Carlex

Sebastian O’Kelly has been appointed chairman of Carlex to replace founder Melissa Briggs, who has decided to stand down owing to ill health. “Melissa was the driving force of Carlex in the four years of its existence, and the most effective campaigner I came across in journalism,” said O’Kelly. “She pushed retirement leasehold up the […]

Leasehold Advisory Service: ‘Lawyers here won’t even speak to me, because I cannot afford their fees’

An emotional Julian Shersby, who lost £44,000 in an LVT action, tells the Leasehold Advisory Service conference it is failing ordinary leaseholders

In the last ten minutes the Leasehold Advisory Service annual conference burst into life this afternoon when a furious delegate grabbed the microphone and said the quango was failing to represent the interests of ordinary leaseholders. “I see around me here landlords and managing agents and lots of lawyers who won’t even speak to me […]

CentreForum think tank ponders leasehold

CentreForum invites LKP to contribute to its leasehold report   In three weeks time another important report into leasehold is to be published, this time by the liberal think tank CentreForum. Earlier this month LKP was invited to its Queen Anne’s Gate to offer its contributions to report, which – we are assured – were […]

January news archive

24.01.2012 Why does Anthony Essien, of LEASE the Leasehold Advisory Service, think “mediation” is the way forward in leasehold reform – when his own organisation scrapped its mediation service exactly a year ago? Read news for more … 23.01.2012 Will Boris Johnson support leasehold reform and defy government? Read Sebastian O’Kelly’s report on the Greater […]